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Paulina Czapla on 3x90 Katana freestyle frames

Paulina Czapla on 3x90 Katana freestyle frames

Watch Paulina Czapla (Poland) skating the new slalom freestyle skate of Powerslide. Her freestyle slalom moves are precise with finess and elegance. So is her skate setup: She is using the Tau boots with a prototype of the new 3x90mm Powerslide Katana frames, UC 90mm wheels and Wicked bearings. The 3x90mm Katana frames will come in different lengths, are made out of high end super stiff aluminum and feature the tested & proven new TRINITY mounting system. They will be out very soon and are also pre-mounted on the new 2018 Tau 90 model.

Skater: Paulina Czapla
Video: Daniel Kędziora
Place: Warsaw/Poland


  • Powerslide Tau
  • Katana 215 Trinity Frame
  • Undercover 90mm wheels
  • Wicked ILQ 9 Classic bearings

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