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WIC : Rennes sur Roulettes 2009 (France)

WIC : Rennes sur Roulettes 2009 (France)

The opening of the World Inline Cup 2009 is planned in Rennes. The french city will host the event in april 2009, 25th and 26th. The race should take place in its old spot : the "Esplanade Charles de Gaulle" in the center of the city. Its construction should be finished for the event.

A new track
The organization committy works on a new downtown track for races. The start/finish arera will be the "Esplanade Charles de Gaulle". This place will also host a bigger roller-skating village.

Sport content
The organization also decided to host a step of the jump/slalom French Cup.

Soirée de clôture
La ville de Rennes et le comité d'organisation de Rennes sur Roulettes auront le plaisir de vous convier le dimanche 26 avril 09 (à partir de 19h30) à la Halle Martenot, afin de fêter tous ensemble la réussite, on l'espère, de cette 27ème édition.

Renseignements complémentaires : www.rennessuroulettes.com

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