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Ice : Loy won the Netherlands Championships

Ice : Loy won the Netherlands Championships

Tristan Loy made ring the Marseillaise (french Anthem) on the occasion of the Netherlands Championships of 100 km. It is the first tim in this history of the Dutch ice-skating.
The skaters met on the Austrian lake " Weissensee " (for lack of natural Ice in Netherlands). The start of the 100 km KNSB (Dutch Ice-skating Federation) championship was given at 10AM this morning.
On the line, on find the best Marathon skaters: Jan Maarten Heideman, the 100 victories' man, Casper Helling, last winner of 200 km "Alternatieve Elfstedentocht ", Bob De vries, winner of the Essent Cup, Arjan Stroetinga, the New Zealander Shane Dobbin and the French Cédric Michaud.
From the 40th kilometre, Tristan push and accelerate. A group of 20 skaters managed to sneak away from the pack.

Among these 20, some reknown skaters specialist in raid as Kurt Wubben or Arjan Smit (who was also a European champion of roller-skating).

Another element seemed to be determining: 3 members of the team DSB, Jeroen De Vries, Arjan Smit and Ingmar Berga appeared among the escapees.
To hear the enthusiasm of the speaker, the victory could not escape them. But in the course of kilometres, the fatigue helping, one after the other, they dropped out. It only remains a group of 6 skaters in the last 20 km.
After numerous banderillas, the French Tristan Loy goes away to take the title. He becomes the first french champion of Netherlands.

More info : knsb.nl ou marathonschaatsen.nl ou skatepodium.com ou schaatspeloton.nl

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