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Bart Swings' love affair with Trois Pistes

Bart Swings' love affair with Trois Pistes

"The first real race of the season"
The last three years, he started his inline season at the same event, le Trophée des Trois Pistes. With over 1,000 participants, it is certainly the best track race in the World. No wonder Swings loves to go there; he already claimed the victory 2 times and he is a track racer pur-sang.
It is going to be the first, and thus exciting, year at the seniors for Swings, who will line up with his CadoMotus team mates from Belgium, brother Maarten and Ferre Spruyt. His second high level race amongst the big guns; like many he raced in Cartagena, Colombia in March to get some racing rhythm.

"That was my first race in the seniors, and I had a couple of good results. I was satisfied with my top 10 placings, as for me it was very early in the season, still working on my shape. I only just started doing the real hard yards and sprint training. That's why Trois Pistes is a more serious test
for me. I'll be better by then already."

Maarten, Ferre and Bart first take off to Scaltenigo, Italy, to prepare for all the racing in April and May in good weather.
"And most of the time we'll train on the track. A good preparation for the races in France. I love track racing and Trois Pistes is the best one of the year. Skating on three different venues is special."

The 2 victories he took at Trois Pistes in the last years where won in the junior and cadet category. A totally different level of racing Swings realizes:
"I'm not sure about what to expect. I'm not going there with high expectations. We'll just try to race the best we can with the CadoMotus team and I'll think some good results will follow."

How important this race is in regards to the rest of the season?
"Yes it is a big race. It's a good test to see where I am right now and that's why I take this race so serious. But on the other hand, it is still early in the season. Too early to draw any conclusion yet."

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