On 26 March 2010 at 09:38 | updated 26 March 2010 at 08:43

2 new products for The Conference

2 new products for The Conference

2 new products should arrived on the market : USD Carbon limited complete and Xsjado Jeff Stockwell complete.

USD Carbon limited complete
349,99 Euro
Frame: Kizer Slim Line Frame
Bearings: USD Abec 7 Chrome Steel
Wheels : Undercover 56mm/90A

USD Carbon Limited. Landmark styles on landmark skates.The Carbon’s first dip
into full colour takes after a fashionable landmark in shoes and style. The USD
Carbon Limited, unofficially referred to as the Timberland skate, is bound to cause a stir.
New innersoles, allowing for more toe room are also included, and black soulplates and
buckles perfectly match the Team Slimline in black, with UC wheels and bearings completing
the setup.

Xsjado Jeff Stockwell complete
Size : UK 5 - 12,5
Price: 1131,60 / 249,99 Euro
Frame: Ground Control Featherlight II Frame
size UK 5 - 8,5 are with small Frames
size UK 9 - 10 are with medium Frames
size UK 10,5 - 12,5 with large Frames
Wheels: Heat 59mm/A, GC 42mm plastic
Bearings: UC Abec 7

When one of our riders asks for a complete skate, we do it the right way, making sure the skate is as the skater rides it. That´s what makes a true pro-skate. This Xsjado skate, which includes the all new hi-top footwrap, comes with the GC Featherlight II Frames and Heat Wheels. Putting a true pro-skate together is not easy task, but now you can buy a skate out tof the box exactly as Jeff Stockwell skates it, with no adjustments needed.

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