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2013 Incheon World Inline Cup: unbeatable Joey Mantia

2013 Incheon World Inline Cup: unbeatable Joey Mantia

The World Inline Cup 2013 has started on May 12 in Incheon (South Korea). Skaters had favorable weather conditions for this first race of the season.

We were expecting a showdown between Joey Mantia (Simmons-Shänkel, USA) and Yann Guyader (FRA) during this first stage of the 2013 World Inline Cup in Incheon (South Korea)... but the U.S. skater dominated the race from the head and shoulders.
In 2012, Joey had already beaten Yann in Jeonju. He did it again quite easily in Incheon ...

Men's race

In the men's race, Joey Mantia  (Simmons-Shänkel, USA) seems unbeatable. Despite of numerous attacks launched by EOSkates in the first part of the race, Joey Mantia is still at the front of the pack.
Nolan Beddiaf escapes, he takes a good advantage, followed by a South Korean skater. But once again, Joey Mantia accelerates the pace and comes back on the escapees. In the last kilometers, Joey Mantia takes the lead and reach an average of 50 km/h. Julien Levrard told us that EOSkates skaters were really impressed by the pace of the American skater.

Front wind: Joey Mantia decides to launch the sprint, all EOSkates skaters are behind him, waiting for the good moment to overtake Joey... but none of them managed to come back on Mantia. Suffice to say that Joey is sure of his strength!

He resists to the ultimate acceleration Yann Guyader. Yann said after the race: "He was simply the strongest, bravo."
Nolan and Julien went further and said: "he has an amazing skating technique, close to perfection, a constant thrust."

Joey has also revealed that he would probably be on the start line of the Marathon at the upcoming World Championships in Oostende (Belgium). 

Next race of the 2013 World Inline Cup: Rennes sur Roulettes, on May, 26th.

Women's race

The women's race belongs to the Korean skaters. The Chinese Guo Dan and Nicole Begg (NZL) were injured, so the road was open to local skaters. Kim MiYoung won the race ahead of Lee SolYi and Yoo GaRam.

Incheon Marathon - men's results

  1. Joey Mantia (Simmons-Shänkel, USA)
  2. Yann Guyader (EO Skates World, FRA)
  3. Nolan Beddiaf (EO Skates World, FRA)
  4. Patxi Peula Cabello (EO Skates World, ESP)
  5. Julien Levrard (EO Skates World, FRA)

Incheon Marathon - Women's results

  1. Kim MiYoung (KOR)
  2. Lee SolYi (KOR)
  3. Yoo GaRam (KOR)
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Photo: World Inline Cup 

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