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Online skating.com-full of useful tips to repair your skates, to protect and reduce the wear of the parts of your roller-skates such as your wheels or your shell. We also explain how to make parts that no longer exist. Last but not least, we give you advice to practice in the best conditions ...

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Slalom tip: The rocker set-ups

Wheel placing can modify the properties of your skates, according to whether you are looking for reactivity, handiness or speed. Non-flat alternative wheel set-ups are called 'rocker' set-ups...

on 23/05/20 - Read 50097 TimesRead more

Extracting an axle or a screw stuck in a frame

Most of beginners are afraid to lose a screw or an axle while skating. They often tighten their roller-skates axles too much. When the axles are stuck in the frame, it becomes very hard to remove them. It also happens that the allen key erodes the thread. Here are some tips to remove stubborn axles and screws...

on 30/06/18 - Read 63090 TimesRead more

Slalom: Setting up your cone lines

Setting up a new slalom spot to the official norms requires precision and method. The OLS team gives you advice to set up your classic slalom area...

on 23/08/15 - Read 12783 TimesRead more

Caliper: Pretty useful for skating!

If you are a skating geek, buying a caliper must have crossed your mind already: Wheel diameter, ground clearance of your frames... That little tool can prove to be pretty useful!

on 01/02/15 - Read 20048 TimesRead more

What is the use of a durometer?

On the printing of skate wheels you can often see a number followed by an A. You get this measurement with a very specific tool: a durometer...

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Tip: The slalom skater's perfect kit

There's no need to spend a fortune to slalom: Dig up a few ingredients, a cord, a piece of chalk and a few cones, and you'll be just as good as Mac Gyver. Proof here...

on 04/04/04 - Read 12439 TimesRead more

Tip: Carrying tip for your slalom cones?

There is a very simple and handy technique to carry your slalom cones. Imagine: a cord, a little hole at the center of your cones, and there you go!

on 04/04/04 - Read 12497 TimesRead more