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Online skating.com-full of useful tips to repair your skates, to protect and reduce the wear of the parts of your roller-skates such as your wheels or your shell. We also explain how to make parts that no longer exist. Last but not least, we give you advice to practice in the best conditions ...

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Caliper: Pretty useful for skating!

If you are a skating geek, buying a caliper must have crossed your mind already: Wheel diameter, ground clearance of your frames... That little tool can prove to be pretty useful!

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What is the use of a durometer?

On the printing of skate wheels you can often see a number followed by an A. You get this measurement with a very specific tool: a durometer...

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Reducing the risks of axle unscrewing with thread locker

If you are a regular skater, you probably already had the unpleasant feeling that one of your frame axles was coming loose or clearing off... and sometimes even without you realizing it! Hopefully, there's a solution called thread locker...

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Tip: Make your own DIY anti-rockers

The anti-rockers are the small wheels on both sides of the H-Block. Their small size prevents you from stopping on bars when sliding. They are sometimes expensive and they are not always easy to find, here is a solution to make your own DIY anti-rockers...

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Tip: Don’t lose your screws and axles

Have you ever lost an axle while you were enjoying your skating session? Or got past by a wheel going downhill? We have! There are simple solutions to avoid those unfortunate mishaps. Here is how to solve the problem when you're don't trust your screws 100%...

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Aggro skating tip: Make your own wax

Wax is a kind of lubricant that enables better sliding on bars, walls and other modules, in skating and skateboarding. In other practices, like surfing, it is used on boards. It might look like cooking recipes but it's not.

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