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Roller skating is a universal sport. We practice roller-skating all around the world, in the streets of Latin America to the outskirts of African cities through the main streets of Europe. Roller-skating is everywhere and alive ...

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Skate sales increase in the Netherlands (and Germany)

While one might think that the coronavirus would stop skate sales, the trend seems to be quite different in many neighbouring countries. Here is an overview from Henk Schra, owner of a skate shop in the Netherlands...

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Pakistan at the World Championships in Italy

Who does not remember the Pakistanis at the World championship in Yeosu in 2011? In South Korea, nobody missed the couple of Pakistani skaters race with old plastic roller skate shoes on Yeosu track. Have any things changed ever since Yeosu?

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: Welcome to Australia!

And here is a new destination: We are now at the heart of the delegation of a country, the area of which is nearly twice as big as that of the European Union: Australia...

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: The Argentinian Delegation

Let's go on with our world tour of the delegations attending the 2011 speed skating world championships in Yeosu (South Korea). Argentinia came with skaters of different categories. Let's see the place of skating in the Land of Football...

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World Tour on the track of Yeosu: Welcome to Chile!

The skaters of this tricontinental country had to travel to a fourth continent to meet and confront the best skaters in the world of the discipline, in Yeosu, South Korea – thus in Asia. Let's meet the Chilean skaters...

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: Venezuela

After a couple of stopovers in South-East Asia, let's pack our luggage for South America! What a journey: Indeed, to come from Caracas, the capital, to Yeosu, the Venezuelians had to stop over in Paris! Let's meet the South-American skaters...

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: The South-East Asian delegations

This year, the 26th Games of South Asia will take place in Jakarta and Palembang, in Indonesia, from Nov. 11 to 22. For the first time in history, Speed Skating is officially part of the Games. Let’s have a look at the nations which are going to take part in the event...

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World Tour on the track of Yeosu: The Singaporean Delegation

The delegation of this State-city of South-East Asia brought only one skater to South Korea, which didn’t make the Indonesians happy since they expected to get an idea of the general form of one of its main opponents for the South Asian Games! Why was Jireh Goh En Ci the one and only representative of Singapore to do the trip?

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: The South-African delegation

After the two first stages in India and Pakistan, let’s pack our luggage for South-Africa: direction the top of the stands, above the finish line in a shady corner, to discover the South-African delegation and their ambitions...

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: the Pakistani delegation

Let's carry on our tour of the unrecognized delegations present at the World Speed Skating Championships of Yeosu (South Korea). The Pakistani delegation is made of 10 athletes, 5 seniors and 5 juniors. They are all men, all students and they all speak fluent English…

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World Tour on the Yeosu track: the Indian delegation

After a European Tour with the delegations not used to medals, done on the occasion of the 2011 European Championships in the Netherlands, now let’s have a look at the delegations of the neighboring continents. Ready for a trip around the world, done through several track laps here in Yeosu, South Korea? Let’s start with India...

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Episode 10: a Viennese waltz in three steps

In Austria, roller speed-skating is not considered as a hobby, but not as a competitive sport. Austrian skaters participate in many competitions in Europe. We met Christian Kromoser, Tristan Ulreich and Jakob Ulreich ...

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Episode 9: four Norwegian friends in a European Championship

Four skaters of the Scandinavian Peninsula participated to the last European Championships in the Netherlands: Torre Solli, Jan-Terje Sorlie, August Teodor Haugen and Dmytro Prokopchuk. All of them skate in the Senior category, all of them came for the marathon and all of them come from ice-skating! A brief overview of the Norwegian delegation ...

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Episode 8: no Copernican revolution in Poland...

Poland has been leading the rotating presidency of the European Union since 1st July 2011... but Poland it is still far to take the lead of the packs at the European Championships of inline speed-skating. In all fairness, there will be no Copernican revolution in Poland at the European level or global level in roller speed-skating ...

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Episode 7: The delegation of the Magyar country

Let's continue our tour of unrecognized delegations in the European inline speed-skating championship in 2011 with Hungary. Bence Dakany is native of Szeged in the south of Budapest. He evollves in Junior A category. He is lonely in the Hungarian delegation. He should have been accompanied by a senior A skater who has finally, at the last minute, decided not to come to the Netherlands...

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Episode 6: the Slovenian delegation is not in shape...

Slovenia is often confused with Slovakia. Each year, nearly 600 kg of mail should be forwarded to one or other of the two countries. Slovenia is a country of former Yugoslavia, independent since 1991, member of the European Union since 2004 and member of the Euro zone since 2007. Tadeja Donko is the only athlete of the Slovenian delegation...

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Episode 5: The Danes (or rather Danish) at the European Championships

The Kingdom of Denmark is the smallest of the Scandinavian countries (not including the two autonomous regions, Greenland and the Faroe Islands). It also represents (to Sweden, Slovenia and Liechtenstein) one of the three smallest delegations of the European Championships. Only one skater has completed the selection criteria this year: Hojer Mikkel Emil, a young Junior ...

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Episode 4: The Czech delegation at the European Championships

The Czech Republic is 95% covered by hills and mountains. This country of Eastern Europe recently entered in the European Union (in 2004). It is a paradise for skiers, hikers, climbers or mountain bikers. Not sure it is for the speed skaters... Three of them, the best in the country, Were present last week in the Netherlands...

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Episode 3 : The Delegation of Sweden at the European Championships

If Sweden is the most populous of the Nordic countries, it is certainly not the most populous concerning roller skaters! This year, the Swedish delegation is summed up to a single athlete, Helena Gustafsson (senior women category). We met this 26-year-old skater from the city of Umeå ...

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Track's chats: Portugal and the UK

Italy, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and France: these countries are large nations of the European roller skating scene. Yet, while most of the medals are gleaned by their athletes. Sometimes, fortunately, other European skaters come thwart the predictions by taking some medals on European podiums...

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