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World Championships Inline Speed Skating: the Marathon closes the edition 2016

After 8 days of competitions on track and road the world championships Inline Speed Skating 2016 is coming to an end. About the last race...

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World Championships Inline Speed Skating 2016: Results day 2 of the road competitions

The rain had been announced for several days at the World Championships 2016 in Inline Speed Skating ...and it has not missed its appearance. The competitions on Day 2 were held under heavy rain....

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World Championships Inline Speed Skating 2016: First day of road racing

The road competitions of the World Championships 2016 Inline Speed Skating will be held in the surrounding area of the Olympic Park, not far from downtown Nanjing. On the program: the 100m and the long distance races (though not all)...

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World Championships Inline Speed Skating 2016: last day of track racing

The last day of the track competitions of the World Championships in Inline Speed Skating 2016 was full of ups and downs. Tomorrow the skaters will compete on the road in the downtown of Nanjing. Mid-term review ....

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World Championships Inline Speed Skating 2016: Day 2 of track racing

The second day of the World Championships in Nanjing (China) offered a full program and a lot of emotions. The points/ elimination race of the Senior Men caused the biggest emotion, as well as the decision of the jury to restart the race.

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World Championships Inline Speed Skating 2016: Results day 1 on the track in Nanjing (China)

It's no surprise that the Colombians mostly dominated the first day of the World Championships 2016. However, some other nations have won medals...

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Speed-skating 2016 Worlds of Speed Skating: Senior men's long distance races pronostics

Only 2 days before the beginning of the 2016 World Inline Speed Skating Championships in Nanjing (China). Here are the senior men's long distance races pronostics by Scott Arlidge...

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2016 Worlds of Speed Skating: Senior Women's long distance pronostics

Third article by Scott Arlidge (NZL) about the 2016 World Inline Speed Skating Championships. This time, the former World Champion proposes his pronostics for the long distance races on the track and on the road of Nanjing (China).

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Those skate brands that made our history

We all know those historic great brands of inline skates such as Rollerblade or Roces... But who of you has heard about Speed, Midonn, Jack, Olympic or Gloria, Chicago or Hustler? Traveling through the history of the industry of skating...

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2016 Worlds of Speed Skating: Senior Men's sprinting pronostics

Second article by former World Champion Scott Arlidge (New-Zealand) about the upcoming 2016 World Inline Speed Skating Championships. Here are the Senior Men's sprinting pronostics

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2016 Worlds of Speed Skating: Senior women's sprinting pronostics

First up in a series of event previews we will focus on the sprint events for senior women at the upcoming 2016 inline speed skating world championships. These medal positions are a little like a lottery, so if I do well then I'm off to buy a ticket, but since it's sport, anything can happen!

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Inline downhill

Comeback to the Inline Downhill World Cup 2016 in Sotchi (Russia)

The best Inline Downhill skaters of the world came to Russia to participate in a double competition: The Inline Downhill World Cup of IIDA and an event of Beton On Fire 2016 on the Bobsleigh track.

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Inline downhill

Beton On Fire 2016 in Sigulda (Latvia)

The first stage of the 2016 Beton On Fire was held from 12th of august till the 13th of august in Sigulda (near Riga). Approximately 30 starters competed at this extreme competition where athletes skate down a bobsled run.

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Inline downhill

2016 World Inline Downhill Championships: France and Italy as favorites

The 2016 World Inline Downhill Championships were held from the 5th till the 7th of august 2016 in Teolo (North Italy). The participants benefited from the 15 years of experience of the organization.

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Speed-skating and shaved legs

Like in bike and swim sport, most of speed skaters shave their legs. And we're not only talking about women! The leg hair removal is used for hygienic or functional reasons. Let's discover the various solutions to do it correctly...

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Interview with Sandrine Tas (Belgium)

Sandrine Tas (Powerslide Matter World Team) got most of the medals of Belgium during the last European Roller Speed Skating Championships in Heerde (Netherlands). We wanted to know a little bit more about her. Interview...

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Why 3 Wheel skates do have such a golden future

Everyone could notice a multiplication of three wheel skates on the market. Every big brand has now produced new skates in all different kinds of skating, like Slalom, fitness, speed-skating and even inline hockey. But what is the real secret behind that configuration? Analyse...

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Interview with the international referee Boris Tarassioux

They are often the pet hates of the spectators and of the (bad) players, they are booed and play a role as ungrateful as essential: the men in black and white! Let's meet Boris Tarassioux, an international referee of Rink Hockey...

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2016 European Championships of Speed Skating: Medals

The 2016 Speed Skating European Championships took place in Heerde, Netherlands. Here are a few figures at the end of the track and road races and of the marathon...

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Freeride skating

Testing The Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125

The Powerslide Imperial Megacruiser Pro 125 is the flagship of the German brand for Freeride Skating with three wheels. We tested the model, which is meant to rise the common standard.

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Men's 2016 European Rink Hockey Championship: The Finals

The final day of competition was intense: after the easy victory of England against Austria for the 7th place, it took 5 shoot-outs after the extra time for France to win against Germany and get the 5th place...

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Fitness skating

Testing the Swell 110 Fitness Skates by Powerslide

Following the logic of their 3-Wheeler concept, Powerslide launches the Swell range, with skate models designed for intensive fitness skating, available in 3x100, 3x110 and 3x125 mm. We have tested the middle model, the Swell 110. Feedbacks...

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2016 24H Le Mans: The race of Antoine Lesavre, winner of the men's solo category

Even the elite skaters lack superlatives to qualify the breathtaking feat of Antoile Lesavre, the winner of the 2016 edition of the 24 Hours of Le Mans Roller, with 611 km, an incredible number that the skater of the PUC Roller Club reached with his unbreakable mindset. Story...

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Testing the Bont CXXV 3x125 mm Frames

With its new wheels with aluminum hubs, Bont also launches its new 3x125 mm speed skating frame, the CXXV or 125 in roman numerals. Test…

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Recap on the 2016 Junior, Senior, Men's and Women's Worlds of Roller Hockey

The second week of competition at the 2016 Worlds of Roller Hockey was the long-awaited highlight of the season. The best players in the world faced one another in the senior men's and women's categories...

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Will roller hockey also enter the 3-wheel era? Reign, the new brand by Powerslide

At the occasion of the 2016 world championship of roller hockey, Powerslide presented its new collections of 3-wheel hockey skates, following the '3 Wheelers' concept they have already developed in freeskate, fitness and speed skating. We had a closer look at these skates...

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Recap of the 2016 Junior Men's and Senior Women's Worlds of Roller Hockey

The 2016 FIRS Inline Hockey World Championship is currently held in Asiago Roana (Italy). At the end of the first week of competition, Canada got the title in the Senior Women's category and the Czech Republic was crowned in the Junior Men's category...

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Interview with Fernando Regueiro, Roller Derby Committee Chairman

Fernando Regueiro has been involved in Roller Derby for almost ten years. He was appointed to become Roller Derby Committee Chairman. Interview...

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Testing the Bont / MPC Red Magic Hardcore 125 mm Wheels

Bont has been working in partnership with MPC for many years. The Australian brand has just released a brand new model of 125 mm wheel with aluminum hub. We got a set and here are our impressions...

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Results of the Races of 2016 Rennes sur Roulettes

The Breton capital hosted the 34th edition of Rennes sur Roulettes. Bart Swings won the men's race for the 3rd time and Maëlann Le Roux caused a stir in the women's category...

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Testing the 110 mm MPC Turbo Training Speed Skating Wheels

The OLS team has tested for you a set of MPC Turbo Training speed skating wheels, a dual density wheel at a reasonable price...

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Aggressive skating

Testing the Trigger Rainbows Julien Cudot

After a quick overview, it's now time to have a closer look at the Trigger Rainbow skates and put them to the acid test. The first tests were promising, what about the long run ? Can this French pro-model compete with the international market ?

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Testing the Vi Alu 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frame by Powerslide

The OLS team goes on with the testing of 3x125 mm speed skating frames. This time, we're focusing on the Powerslide Vi Alu...

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Artistic skating

Joint Interview with Artistic Pair Marine Portet and Nathanaël Fouloy

Marine Portet and Nathanaël Fouloy perform at the highest national and international levels in Pair Artistic Skating. After parallel sports careers, they joined forces to offer France some of its greatest medals...

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Aggressive skating

Meeting Julien Cudot

Julien Cudot is one of the best current French riders in street skating. Since his beginnings, he's known how to stand out with his technical skills. Talent does not depend upon age...

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Portrait of Speed Skater Francesca Lollobrigida

Italian Francesca Lollobrigida leads a double career, both on wheels and ice. She's part of the most decorated skaters in Europe. In 2016, she enters the Cadomotus team. Portrait...

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Edu Fernandez: From the Vendéenne (France) to Villafranca (Spain)

To celebrate the birthday of rink hockey player Edu Fernandez, here is a flash-portrait which never had the chance of being published on a website that doesn't exist anymore...

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Testing the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by Herbalife

Online-Skating is testing today the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by the well-known brand Herbalife. It is destined to endurance sports, like skating...

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Mistakes to avoid when you take up skating

The flawless flow of a skater who passed you by made you feel like taking up skating. Without a second thought, you went to the closest shop and bought a brand-new pair of roller skates. OLS gives you a few hints to start on a sound basis…

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Fitness skating

Testing the FlipBelt sports belt

You don't always have pockets to carry the few accessories you need. Back in time you would go for pockets in the back, now there's also a new alternative with the FlipBelt. Testing...

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10 stereotypes about skating you should lay to rest

Ironically enough, the more widespread practices are, the harder received ideas are to die. And skating is no exception. Here is a list of clichés to debunk...

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Meeting Massimo Mariotti, Coach of Team Italy, the European champion of rink hockey

Massimo Mariotti is of Tuscan origin. He is probably one of the most important figures of rink hockey in Italy and in the world. With Team Italy and within the club circuit, he won all the trophies he could...

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Tip: Neoprene shoe covers

When you practice in difficult weather conditions, rain can drastically deteriorate your skate boots. Using shoe covers is an efficient solution at a moderate price...

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Testing the Powerslide Triple X 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frame

The FIRS has just authorized the use of 3x125 mm frames (and wheels) on marathons, for junior, senior and master categories. This set-up is spreading little by little amongst long distance competitors and lovers. We got hold of Powerslide's latest creation: the Triple X 3x125 mm frame. Feedbacks...

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Tips to skate in the winter-time

Winter has come, with its rain and its biting cold. Skating is at the mercy of bad weather. Here are a few solutions in order to skate in the winter-time with total peace of mind...

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Skating Brand Online Shops: The Heralded End of Specialized Shops?

Rollerblade has announced on its French blog the launching of its online shop. The event may seem insignificant but this brand strategy could have considerable effects on specialized shops and on the overall skating market...

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Skating museums around the world

There are a few places worth visiting if you are a skating history lover. Museums dedicated to skating are not even a handful in the world...

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Ruben Martins's life in France

Portuguese website Plurisports.com interviewed Ruben Martins, rink hockey player of Noisy-le-Grand who plays in the National 1 Elite French Championship. Interview...

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How Argentina won the title at the 2015 World Championships of Rink Hockey

At the end of the Worlds of Rink Hockey in La Roche-sur-Yon (France) in June 2015, we looked into the evolution or Argentina, who won the world title after a flawless qualification performance, but who still grew stronger, just like the 'veteran' of the team, Daniel Paez, and finished with an amazing feat against unbeatable Spain, in knocking them out 6-1...

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The supporting foot pushes: the keys to pushing with Christophe Audoire

The supporting foot pushes. This gimmick highlights a simple principle to improve your push in speed skating. Christophe Audoire explains in a few videos how to skate more efficiently...

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10 music videos with skates

There is a lot of skateboarding in publicities... but skating is not outdone in music videos! Here are 10 videos with skating in the foreground. Note: this is a random list...

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2016 Roces Collection

We are still going around the 2016 collections of big skate brands, with the catalog of Roces, this time. The Italian brand has renewed most of its collections, with a few minor novelties as bonuses...

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Freeride skating

Presentation of the 2016 Powerslide Collections (2/2)

A second article on the 2016 Powerslide Collections. Overview of the off-road, slalom and freeride skate models...

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Presentation of the 2016 Powerslide Collections (1/2)

Wintertime is the occasion to take a look at the skate models about to be released in the spring. Powerslide is one of the most dynamic brands on the market, offering a wide variety of models. Here are the speed and fitness models of 2016...

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Which means of transport for which skate trip?

Whether you are a ref, a speed skater, a hockey player, an artistic skater — or whatever your discipline, your passion inexorably leads you to travel during the weekends to participate in skating events. You can opt for various means of transportation...

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Meeting Gérard Teixidó, Rink Hockey Player of the Week in Italy

Gérard Teixidó (Spain) played for two seasons with the SCRA Saint-Omer. At the beginning of the year, he transferred to the rink hockey team of Breganze (Italy). He's just been elected best player of the week in the Italian championship...

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Recap of the 2015 Worlds of Speed Skating

The 2015 edition of the World Championships of Speed Skating came to an end last Sunday in the streets of Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei. 41 national delegations made the trip for the event. Let's compare the results of 2014 and 2015...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating - Lap circuits and relays closing the road competitions

The road competitions of the world championships of speed skating came to an end today with the lap circuits and the relays. Tomorrow will be dedicated to marathon...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating: 2nd Day on Road - Long Distance Races

Same formats, but in reverse order for this second day of competition on road at the 2015 worlds of speed skating. This time it's the juniors' turn to skate the elimination race and the seniors' to skate the point/elimination race...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating: first Day on Road - Long Distance Races

The junior point races and the senior elimination races were scheduled on the first day on road of the world championships of speed skating...

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100 m on skates: Close to track and field times?

100 m skating races were introduced to give a more attractive dimension to the discipline, in order for novices to understand the proceedings of the race, but also to make comparisons with track and field. Let's have a look at the times...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung (Chinese Taipei) - 3rd Day - Sprints

On the 2nd day of the 2015 Worlds of Speed Skating, the juniors competed on 500 m and the seniors on 1000 m. The program of the last day on track was the opposite, with the senior 500 m and the junior 1000 m. Results...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating : The relays, last races on track

The last day on the Track of Kaohsiung at the 2015 World Championship of Speed Skating saw the Koreans win 3 races out of 4. The last team title goes to Chinese Taipei. A great success for Asia...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung - 2nd Day - Sprint Finals

The second day at the 2015 World Championship of Speed Skating started and ended with the sprint competitions. On the program for the skaters: the 500 m and 1000 m series in the morning, and the finals in the evening...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung: 2nd Day - Long Distance Races

The schedule of the second day at the 2015 World Championship of Speed Skating was heavy, with the sprints and long distance competitions. Results of the Junior elimination races and the Senior point and elimination races...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei - 1st day - Results of the Point & Elimination Races

The first day of competition at the 2015 World Championships of Speed Skating finished with the point and elimination races for all categories...

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2015 Worlds of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei - 1st day - Results of the 300 m

The first day of competition at the 2015 World Championships of Speed Skating started with the 300 m races...

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Present and absent nations at the 2015 Worlds of Speed Skating

41 nations take part in the 2015 World Championships of Speed Skating in Kaohsiung, Chinese Taipei, versus 33 at the 2014 Worlds in Rosario, Argentina. The 2015 Worlds promise to be more international than last year...

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CP Manlleu, 2015 Eurockey Cup champion

A goal scored by Ferran Buixaderas with one second left to regulation time, played in favour of CP Manlleu for the 2015 champion title. Here is the successor of HC Braga...

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Aggressive skating

Back on the 2015 FISE World Series in Chengdu (China)

The Chinese event of FISE World 2015 took place in Chengdu and once again crowned British Joe Atkinson. The French had nothing to envy him, with the beautiful performances of Julien Cudot and Nicolas Servy...

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MPC PM XT-02 speed skating wheel test

We got hold of a set of MPC PM XT-02 110 mm speed skating wheels. This speed skating model is made by the American company MPC, in collaboration with X-Tech. Here are our impressions...

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The challenge of Rocío Ailen Ramon in Spain (after Noisy-le-Grand)

Rocío Ailen Ramon will play in OK Liga in 2015-2016. The attacker formed in Palmira, Argentina has joined CP Alcorcón...

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Glimpse on the new 2016 Fila skate collection

Each fall, we go around every big skate brand catalogues to discover next season's models. The 2016 Fila skate collection presents few surprises but still reveals promising skates...

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Freeride skating

The 2016 K2 Street and Freeride Collections

Collection changes are always an interesting time to determine what direction brands will take. In 2016, K2 seems interested to rebond with urban skates. Here are the 2016 K2 Street and Freeride lines...

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Report on the 2015 U20 World Championships of Rink Hockey in Vilanova, Spain

The 2015 U20 World Championships of Rink Hockey in Vilanova finished with a top match between the two nations of the Iberian Peninsula: Spain and Portugal. France completed the Top-3. Report...

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2015 Skating Marathon of Berlin: The edition of superlatives

Once more, the Skating Marathon of Berlin broke all records: the greatest number of participants in the world with 5.585 skaters at the start, and a cannonball time of 56'48 on the finish line by Bart Swing, who won his 3rd edition in a row...

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Artistic skating

2015 World Roller Artistic Skating Championships: the enchanting Pairs in Cali!

The 2015 World Roller Artistic Skating Championships offered such a high level! The athletes enchanted Cali with their performances in the Junior and Senior Pairs competitions...

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What is Roll Ball?

Maybe do you already know roller soccer and roller basketball, here is Roll Ball! A sport mixing skating and handball with a basket ball. The practice saw the light in India around 2002-2003. Discovery...

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Freeride skating

Testing the X35 Freeride Skates by Roces

Roces sent us their latest skate model designed for urban practice, freeskate and slalom. After several months of testing, here are our conclusions...

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Review of the 2015 U17 European Championships of Rink Hockey in Luso, Portugal

The 2015 U17 European Championships of Rink Hockey ended with a draw game between the two Iberian nations in Luso, Portugal. Portugal gets the gold in front of Spain and France. Let's get back on the field...

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History of the Skating Marathon of Berlin

With the upcoming 2015 edition of the Skating Marathon of Berlin, we wanted to trace history fragments of the biggest skate race in the world, since its opening to skating in 1997 until today...

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The History of Skating from 1760 till Today

OLS publishes an overview of the history of skating, from the creation of the first inline skates to traditional skates through ‘cycle-skates’. Let’s pay tribute to one of the few skate historians, Sam Nieswizski, the author of 'Rollermania' (1991), that remains the key reference in the history of skating through the ages…

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Slalom skating

Slalom: Setting up your cone lines

Setting up a new slalom spot to the official norms requires precision and method. The OLS team gives you advice to set up your classic slalom area...

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The History of American Roller Hockey

Rivalry between Rink Hockey (on quad skates with a curved stick and a ball) and Inline Hockey (on inline skates with a ice-type stick and a puck) is a thing. The histories of the two disciplines have been intimately related since the beginnings...

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Slalom skating

Testing the Pleasure Tool Frame by Powerslide

Powerslide sent us their new 'Pleasure Tool' slalom frame. Under that suggestive name hides a 3x110 mm model, suitable for slalom and for regular urban skating.

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Flanders Grand Prix 2015

The 48th edition of the Flanders Grand Prix took place from August 14th to 16th, 2015 in Oostende, Belgium. The local skaters, Bart Swings and Sandrine Tas, imposed themselves at the general ranking. Summary of the event...

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The FIRS, the International Federation of Roller Sports: From its origins to our time

The bodies ruling roller sports at national or international levels often seem far and their task unclear to us. Let's take a look into the history and the role of the FIRS to know more about it...

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Is skating a universal sport?

Every practice that intends to enter the closed circle of olympic sports has to meet a number of universality criteria, i.e. being practiced in at least 50 countries on 3 continents. Out of curiosity, we drew up the map of skating countries...

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Inline Alpine

What is Inline Alpine Skating?

The practice of inline alpine skating is meeting with increasing success in Europe and obtained its recognition by the FIRS in 2011. But what is this sport about?

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Testing the Nordic Skating Gloves by Powerslide

Looking for thin and light gloves for speed skating in the summertime, we found a pair of nordic skating gloves at Pierre Qui Roule, a shop in Bordeaux. Here are our impressions...

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Freeride skating

Testing the 80 mm Matter Glow skate wheel

Matter and Powerslide have launched a phosphorescent wheel on the market. We got a set from the Parisian shop HawaiiSurf. Gadget or safety device in its own right? Test...

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Testing the 125 mm RollX XDual Wheel

The market of 125 mm speed skating wheels is expending rapidly, month after month, with more and more new models. RollX strikes hard in releasing a new model that is as light as a 110 mm wheel. Verdict...

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Interview with Alexander Bont

Bont was founded in 1975. The Australian brand celebrates its 40th anniversary. We met Alexander Bont to learn more about the past ant the future of Bont...

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Overabundance of titles: Is speed skating shooting itself in the foot?

The economist Arthur Laffer used to say: 'Too much tax kills tax' a maxim widely used and altered every day by many of our contemporaries... Couldn't this slogan be applied to speed skating: 'Too many titles kill titles'? Analysis...

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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: The Relays close the road competitions

Sunday morning was dedicated to the relays, the ultimate races before the marathons, at the 2015 European Championships of Speed Skating. An intense day to make up for the delays of the previous day. Results...

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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: Second to Last Day on Road

Ultimate day on the road circuit before the marathons at the 2015 European Championships of Speed Skating. The skaters compete in the 500 m series before the point races and relays. Results...

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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: 1st Day On Road

After a short transition break between Wörgl and Innsbruck, the 2015 European Championships of Speed Skating resumed this morning with the 200 m and the point races. Results of this first day on road...

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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: Mid-event medal stock taking

The first part of the 2015 European Championships came to an end this morning on the track of Wörgl, Austria. It is the occasion to take stock on the medal ranking...

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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: 3rd Day On Track

Last day of competition on track at the 2015 European Championships of Speed Skating. Make way for the 1000 m finals and the relays! Results of the races...

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2015 European Championships of Speed Skating: 2nd Day On Track

Most of the 2nd day of competition at the 2015 European Championships of Speed Skating was dedicated to the 500 m series. The finals, that took place in the late afternoon, were then followed by the elimination races...

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