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Skating Wheels manufacturing

We frequently complain about their price, their excessive wear, how they slip too much or stick excessively. We praise for their rolling qualities, their rebound, and their reactivity. No doubt, our wheels are often the heart of conversations between skaters! Nothing like a visit to French wheel manufacturer RollX to learn more about how they are made...

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Recent technological innovations for skate wheels

Our wheels have been turning for nearly 250 years. Wood, ivory, metal, tire, rubber or urethane... Wheels have been made of all kinds of materials. Technological innovations gave a fresh boost to skating in the 90's. The use of plastic materials in 1979 was a small revolution. Overview of the innovations that marked the history of our dear skate wheels...

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Anatomy of Skate axles and spacers

The axles and spacers insure the consistency between the frame and the wheels and bearings. They partly determine the performance according to their materials, their thickness and their rigidity. Focus on those little known parts…

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The manufacturing processes of skate frames

The frame is a key-part of our skates. Its shape, its length and its rigidity vary according to the discipline and the needs of the skater. Made of composite or polyurethane, they are molded or injected, just like boots. Made of aluminum, they may be pressed, extruded or machined from billet. What are the differences between theses manufacturing processes?

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Test of the Cadomotus Soft Flask

Cadomotus brought a very deformable drink bottle on the market which is being used by many skaters. The Dutch company sent us some samples for testing. Here, you will read about our first impressions after using it few weeks.

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The use of stride control on skates

You can frequently see skaters skating on their inner edge. If the problem can not be solved by a good frame positioning or tying the skates, then you can use stride control...

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Anatomy of a skate frame

The frame ensures the link between the boot and the wheels. Its technical characteristics (rigidity, length…) may considerably vary according to the considered practice.

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Inverting and looking after your inline skate wheels

Wheels are the main wearing parts of your skates. They are permanently in contact with the ground and condition the quality of your skating: comfort, grip, reactivity. Just like for the tires on your car, you will have to look after their deterioration. Here are a couple of tips that should allow you to optimize their use...

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The maintenance of your skate frame

The frames of your skates can be made of plastic, composite or metal. The cleaning procedure is the same whatever their composition. Get a sponge, a cloth, a toothbrush, bathroom tissue and follow the steps!

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Maintenance of inline skate boots

Inline skate boots can be of different nature: rigid, flexible or fifty-fifty. They need to be checked as regularly as the other parts of your skates: holes, hygiene, wearing out are so many points that need to be looked after…

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Equipment: Choosing your wrist guards

Falls on the wrists are more than a third of the traumas recorded in the casualty departments of hospitals taking skaters in. It is quite normal, given that you instinctively try to absorb you fall with your hands. Here are a couple of tips for you to make the right choice.

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How to extract bearings from wheels?

Extracting bearings: the task is not as easy as it seems. You have to manage to take them off without damaging them. The best thing is to push in the axis, but sometimes it’s quite a business...

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Anatomy of an inline skate wheel

Wheels are the centerpieces of a skate and its only contact with the ground. They condition skating according to numerous parameters: their shape, their diameter, their hardness, the flexibility of their core, etc. To each specialty corresponds a specific need with a specific wheel model...

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Extracting an axle or a screw stuck in a frame

Most of beginners are afraid to lose a screw or an axle while skating. They often tighten their roller-skates axles too much. When the axles are stuck in the frame, it becomes very hard to remove them. It also happens that the allen key erodes the thread. Here are some tips to remove stubborn axles and screws...

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All about skate bearings

It is hard to rely on serious information as for the quality of bearings and the real needs met by skaters. Consumers are often overwhelmed by a torrent of technical terms and hazy marketing concepts. The best solution is to ask an importer to take stock on that spare part so precious to our gliding…

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How to Choose Your Skates?

Esthetics set aside — being a very personal criterion —, choosing a pair of skates, inlines or quads, lies on many objective criteria, varying according to several parameters: type of practice, intensity of use, level of skating, budget. Online-Skating.com browses the key points that should help you make your choice...

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Trekking: Safety instructions for open road skating

The network of cycle ways and eco friendly ways is not homogeneous in France. Lots of skaters unavoidably end up going on the roads. Skating on roads requires a good number of precautions, which are simple but vital for your safety.

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Precautions to take while skating by cold weather

We have already proposed some articles relative to the skating by warm or rainy weather, then here is a "burning" subject for the season : skating by cold weather! Online-skating.com proposes you some craftiness to practice in optimal conditions...

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Presentation of the Roces roller skate catalogue 2018

We are always curious about the new catalogues of every brand to see what development is going on. So we checked up the catalogues of Roces. State of affairs.

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Presentation of the 2018 Fila skates

We are having a quick look at the novelties of the new Fila catalog 2018. Long-distance, freeride or children's skates, here are some examples...

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Reviewing The XX2i Hawaii1 Sunglasses

The Hawaii1 sunglasses are one of many models made by the company XX2i optics. The glasses' sleek design, effective performance, and aesthetic qualities have rendered them a constant presence in the athletic and skating world. Here is how they function from a speed skaters perspective.

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Brands that made history of inline skating: Roces

Roces was born in Montebelluna, not far from Venice (Italy): from ski boots, over ice skates to inline skates. Review of a 65 year long history...

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These brands that made the history of inline skating: Hypno

The Hypno brand pioneered in the late 90s and early 2000s with their stiff shoes and removable frames. A flashback...

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Testing the Infinity Plus 125 DD Wheels by Powerslide

The OLS Team has just tested a set of Dual Density Infinity Plus 125 DD wheels by Powerslide: here is our feedback...

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Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

While visiting the facilities of the next Roller Games in Nanjing, we had the opportunity of visiting the FIRS World Roller Museum, which opened for the Speed Skating World Championships in September 2016...

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10 Possible Consequences of the Disappearance of the Paris City Skates

It's been over a month that the Paris City Skates are frozen, for lack of an agreement between the organizing skating associations and the Paris police prefecture. What would be the possible consequences of such a decision on the practice of skating in the French capital, and on the rest of the national territory? Analysis of the situation...

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A sneaky look into the future: What could roller sports be like in 20 years?

New years are opportunities to look to the future, so why not imagining the evolution of our ways of practicing skating in the upcoming 20 years? Here are our forecasts...

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How to clean and take care of your bearings?

As an essential part of your skates’ performance, your bearings have to be closely looked after. You don’t always necessarily have to dismantle them. But if this is the only option left, here are a couple of tips to do your best.

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Testing the Tempest 125 3WD Long Distance Skates by Rollerblade

Online-Skating had the opportunity to get a pair of Tempest 125 3WD long distance skates for testing. Feedbacks...

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Why 3 Wheel skates do have such a golden future

Everyone could notice a multiplication of three wheel skates on the market. Every big brand has now produced new skates in all different kinds of skating, like Slalom, fitness, speed-skating and even inline hockey. But what is the real secret behind that configuration? Analyse...

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Testing the Swell 110 Fitness Skates by Powerslide

Following the logic of their 3-Wheeler concept, Powerslide launches the Swell range, with skate models designed for intensive fitness skating, available in 3x100, 3x110 and 3x125 mm. We have tested the middle model, the Swell 110. Feedbacks...

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Testing the 110 mm MPC Turbo Training Speed Skating Wheels

The OLS team has tested for you a set of MPC Turbo Training speed skating wheels, a dual density wheel at a reasonable price...

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Testing the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by Herbalife

Online-Skating is testing today the CR7 Drive hypotonic drink by the well-known brand Herbalife. It is destined to endurance sports, like skating...

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Testing the FlipBelt sports belt

You don't always have pockets to carry the few accessories you need. Back in time you would go for pockets in the back, now there's also a new alternative with the FlipBelt. Testing...

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Tip: Neoprene shoe covers

When you practice in difficult weather conditions, rain can drastically deteriorate your skate boots. Using shoe covers is an efficient solution at a moderate price...

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Tips to skate in the winter-time

Winter has come, with its rain and its biting cold. Skating is at the mercy of bad weather. Here are a few solutions in order to skate in the winter-time with total peace of mind...

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10 music videos with skates

There is a lot of skateboarding in publicities... but skating is not outdone in music videos! Here are 10 videos with skating in the foreground. Note: this is a random list...

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2016 Roces Collection

We are still going around the 2016 collections of big skate brands, with the catalog of Roces, this time. The Italian brand has renewed most of its collections, with a few minor novelties as bonuses...

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Presentation of the 2016 Powerslide Collections (1/2)

Wintertime is the occasion to take a look at the skate models about to be released in the spring. Powerslide is one of the most dynamic brands on the market, offering a wide variety of models. Here are the speed and fitness models of 2016...

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Glimpse on the new 2016 Fila skate collection

Each fall, we go around every big skate brand catalogues to discover next season's models. The 2016 Fila skate collection presents few surprises but still reveals promising skates...

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The History of Skating from 1760 till Today

OLS publishes an overview of the history of skating, from the creation of the first inline skates to traditional skates through ‘cycle-skates’. Let’s pay tribute to one of the few skate historians, Sam Nieswizski, the author of 'Rollermania' (1991), that remains the key reference in the history of skating through the ages…

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Testing the Pleasure Tool Frame by Powerslide

Powerslide sent us their new 'Pleasure Tool' slalom frame. Under that suggestive name hides a 3x110 mm model, suitable for slalom and for regular urban skating.

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Testing the 80 mm Matter Glow skate wheel

Matter and Powerslide have launched a phosphorescent wheel on the market. We got a set from the Parisian shop HawaiiSurf. Gadget or safety device in its own right? Test...

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Testing the 125 mm RollX XDual Wheel

The market of 125 mm speed skating wheels is expending rapidly, month after month, with more and more new models. RollX strikes hard in releasing a new model that is as light as a 110 mm wheel. Verdict...

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Long distance custom set-up: Seba Marathon boot, RollX wheels and EOSkates 3x125mm frames

Customization is the art of mixing and matching the skate parts that you like to make a set up that corresponds at best to what you're looking for. Today, OLS presents a 100% French set-up in 3x125 mm for raid and long distance skating...

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Mediaskates restricts access to high quality skating pics

Since its creation three years ago, Mediaskates has always wanted to help out the skating community, all disciplines included, without financial compensation for the general public. Today, after many abuses, the Mediaskates team is restricting this option...

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Testing the Seba Marathon 110

Seba took their time to enter the market of long distance skating. The French brand started with freeskate, slalom and then fitness before taking the leap. We had the opportunity of testing the Seba Marathon 110. Impressions...

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Testing the Seba Street Invaders 84A Wheels

Seba equip all of their urban skating models with the Street Invaders. They are available in different colors and diameters. Those wheels have imposed themselves in shops as well as in skatecross and slalom competitions. We have tested several colors to give you a more precise verdict...

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Testing the 110 mm Powerslide Fothon LED wheels

It has been a while since a new LED wheel had entered the market. Powerslide rushes in with the Fothons LED wheels, available in 72 to 120 mm. Testing...

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Testing the X-Glow Black reflective/light-emitting vest

The Ligne Droite shop, specialized in speed skating, has diversified with the years, also opening to products designed for long distance skating. They provided us with a reflective/light-emitting vest by Uglow, the X-Glow Black, designed for night practice...

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Modify your wristguards for the wintertime

Who's never hesitated between slipping on wristguards or gloves before going for a ride in the wintertime? Rather than letting you overthink on that tricky question, we have a 2-in-1 solution to keep your fingers warm at a lesser cost...

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Mapping out a route for a skating raid

You cannot get into a long distance skating raid without at least a little preparation: food, clothing, maps and routes are many parameters that should be taken into consideration. Unless you wish to try your luck in total adventure, here are a few tips to map out your route...

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What is a 'bore' in skating?

The vocabulary of skating can be quite exotic sometimes, and some words are borrowed from other fields. It is the case of « bore », coming directly from the world of mechanics...

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Caliper: Pretty useful for skating!

If you are a skating geek, buying a caliper must have crossed your mind already: Wheel diameter, ground clearance of your frames... That little tool can prove to be pretty useful!

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Rough ground and skating

We never evade questions on OLS, especially not beginners'. Let's focus today on a word that speaks to most of us: Rough ground...

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What is the use of a durometer?

On the printing of skate wheels you can often see a number followed by an A. You get this measurement with a very specific tool: a durometer...

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Testing the U-Road Sport Uglow retro-reflective/luminous vest

Ligne Droite sent us a yellow vest equipped with retro-reflective strips and a luminous device by Uglow for us to test it. It can prove to be particularly useful for night skate staff skaters or to safely skate in solo in the dark. Testing the U-Road Sport…

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4x100 mm or 3x125 mm: Which set-up for which type of skater?

Speed skating is a real equipment race... Skaters are always looking for better equipment, the one that will enable them to gain a few seconds on their reference times, to better absorb rough surfaces, to follow the guys at the club, but how to find the optimal set-up? Answers...

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Introducing the 2015 Roces Range

Once doesn't make it a habit, let's start a series of articles on the products that are going leave their mark on 2015. Just like many brands, Roces renews most of its 2014 products, but also offers a few novelties...

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Testing the 110 mm 86A Atom Matrix Plus

Atom starts the year with a great rush in launching a 14€ dual density wheel: The brand-new Matrix Plus is available in 100 and 110 mm. We had the opportunity to test the biggest diameter of the two. Here are our impressions...

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Dual density skate wheels: Where does the technology comes from and what is the use of it?

There are more and more dual density wheels on the market, for speed skating, long distance, freeskate, roller derby, hockey and even aggressive skating. What is the use of this technology? Answers...

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Testing the DMB ceramic ball bearings

Winter rain launches the subject of bearing maintenance. In order to reduce the time of dismantling, cleaning, oiling... ceramic bearings quickly come to mind. We bought DMB ceramic ball bearings to see how they put up with bad weather...

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Testing the Atom Luigino backpack

Earlier in 2014, we had tested the Atom Luigino trolley. Today, we're presenting you the backpack. Here is our verdict after 8 months of daily use...

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Testing the 2014 Fila M110

The Fila M100 is a classic of the brand. Online-Skating presents the test of the Fila key-model with a 4x110 mm wheel set-up. This skate is essentially designed for long distance skating. Impressions...

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Reducing the risks of axle unscrewing with thread locker

If you are a regular skater, you probably already had the unpleasant feeling that one of your frame axles was coming loose or clearing off... and sometimes even without you realizing it! Hopefully, there's a solution called thread locker...

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Testing the Cardiff Skate Co. S1 / S2

OLS presents quite an atypical model today! During the ISPO, the outdoors sports show that takes place every year in Munich, we discovered the Cardiff Skate Co. brand, which produces an attachable three-wheeled skate model. Focus…

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Testing the 100 and 110 mm Atom Matrix Wheels

After the testing of the Atom Boom, let's test another set of wheels by the same brand. Here are our feelings on the Atom Matrix, a versatile model in both 100 and 110 mm…

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Testing the Luigino Atom Trolley

It's a first on OLS, testing a trolley! Such a companion has become a key-accessory for traveling skaters. We had the opportunity to test the Luigino Atom model...

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Tip: Making your own skate mudguards

Wintertime and rain put your skates and your clothes at risk. Just like in cycling, water projections leave you great souvenir traces on your calves and back. Here is a tip to make your own DIY skate mudguards…

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Testing the 2013 Powerslide Gamma

The Powerslide Gamma is an entry range model of the German brand. It is a fitness skate destined to beginners and leisure skaters. Testing...

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Testing the 2013 S255 Roces

Let's finish our Roces skate testing session with the S255. It is a skate dedicated to beginner and intermediate skaters for recreational skating. Let's check what those skates are made of…

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Inline skate wheels: Will the diameter race ever stop?

The following article is constantly evolving. The market of speed skating wheels is one of the rare markets to be in perpetual motion. In less than 20 years, the wheel diameter has grown from 76 mm to 110 mm and it seems that the race is not over...

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Testing the 2013 Roces Labs

It's been a while since the Labs have been eying us up... and Roces has finally sent us a test pair! It is a model designed for treks and long distance. Let's see how much power the 2013 Roces Labs have under the hood to stand out from that already well-stocked skating niche...

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Testing the 2013 Roces Gymnasiums

Here is a new skate test in the range of fitness skates. We chose the Roces Gymnasiums: It is a model suitable for beginners or occasional skaters who practise on short or medium distance. Let's dissect it together...

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Test: Oxelo Sneak In

Oxelo, the brand distributed by Decathlon sports megastore, sent us a new model of step-in skates for testing. To put it simple it is a pair of skates that can be used with your own shoes. Here are our impressions on that newcommer...

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Test Roces Metropolis 2013

The Roces Metropolis is intended to practice freeskate and slalom. This model appeared in Roces lines 2011. We have put the 2013 version on to give you our impressions ...

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The main principles of cross training for skating

Lots of us make the mistake of only skating for their training... Yet, skating is not just about gaining more endurance or a better technique. You should find the right balance according to your discipline. And other sports may prove to be useful...

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The trade secrets of skate boots

The way skate boots are made depends on the discipline: rigid in aggressive skating, low-cut in speed skating, semi-flexible in fitness skating. The materials involved in the process are very different too and influence the methods used. Here are the trade secrets of these key parts welcoming your feet…

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Outdoors skating from the 80's 'til today (2/2)

After our first part dedicated to the genesis of outdoors and long distance skating, let's turn the spotlight onto more recent history, onto a renewal period for outdoors skating, from 1980 'til today. Here we go for a little time warp...

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Test: Rio Jive quad skates

We tested a first pair of Rio quad skates in 2012. The British brand sent us a new model called "Jive". It has some improvements over its predecessors...

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Test: Freestyle and Swift Doop Skates

Powerslide has just launched a brand new range of skates with which you can wear your own shoes. We had the opportunity to try the Doop Freestyles and Swifts…

on 01/01/13 - Read 74429 TimesRead more

Anatomy of an inline skate rubber brake

The brake of your inline skates is an outgrowth made of rubber, hard plastic or polyurethane. It is fixed at the rear of the frame. Here is the story of this very useful accessory ...

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What to do when you come across a stray dog

Relations between skaters and dogs are very unequal. While some dogs will be totally indifferent when you pass them, some may become completely mad. Here are a couple of tips to coexist with our stray friends…

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Impact of muscle stretching on health and sports practice

Stretch, they said! And what if we broke down prejudices on stretching? All our youth, they kept on telling us how good and essential it was to stretch for sports performances… And what if new studies were challenging all of that?

on 29/11/12 - Read 45165 TimesRead more

Choosing your skate rubber brake

There are as many models of rubber brake pads on the market as there are skate brands… an maybe even more! And yet, the number or references reduced over the years. Choosing and changing rubber brake pads remains a problem for lots of skaters. Tips…

on 21/07/12 - Read 48309 TimesRead more

Test: Powerslide "Vi 100" (2012)

The "Vi 100" has just arrived in the shops after several months of waiting. Discovery of that skate designed to sporty cruising and long distance…

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Test : Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80 A quad skate wheels

That is a first on OLS! After several years of inline skate wheels testing, let's start with a big diameter model: the Kryptonics Classic K 70 mm 80 A...

on 02/06/12 - Read 13720 TimesRead more

Test: Bont Wheels - G3 110 mm 84A

Bont launched its G3 wheel a few years ago. This versatile model dedicated to speed-skating is used in many standard skates of the Australian brand. We tested the 110mm 84A version for you ...

on 14/02/12 - Read 14897 TimesRead more

Test: the SFR Rio quad skates

The SFR Rio quad skates are the best-selling traditional skates in Great Britain, thanks to their disco looks. Let’s see what they are made of!

on 02/02/12 - Read 34627 TimesRead more

Anatomy of a pair of Quad Skates

What we call quad skates or traditional skates are skates with mobile axles, and contrarily to common belief, they arrived later that inline skates! Dissection and working of these so-called dinosaurs which have made a strong comeback since a few months...

on 27/01/12 - Read 42954 TimesRead more

Test: Seba GTX 84

Faithful to its principles, Seba has gradually diversified its lines in different practices of roller-skating. The French brand deepened its range over the years. The Seba GTX 84 follows the same logic. This skate is the entry level of the GT...

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Rollerskates: where and how to dig up good deals

In these times of crisis, it takes a great deal of resourcefulness to dig up new or second-hand equipment and spare pieces. This article goes to all the broke skaters who wish to invest the less as possible…

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Test: Petzl Tikka XP ®² headlamp

Rollerenligne.com does not only test pairs of roller-skates. Today, we focus on a very useful accessory for the long roller-skating rides and night trainings. We tested the Petzl Tikka XP ®² headlamp...

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Tip: how to slow down with a parachute

Alain Decayeux recently traveled through the Japanese Alps on his skates with his girlfriend. He met an American skater who introduced him to an ingenious system to slow down in slopes. Explanation ...

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Overview of Powerslide products 2012 (Virus line)

Powerslide finally a brand that dares to innovate! We must be admitted that few companies dare to really spend money in research and development in these times of lean ... So when one of them dares to do it on a sluggish market, we put it under the spotlights. Presentation of the Powerslide Virus line of products...

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Preview of K2 lines products 2012

After Fila and Rollerblade, we had a look to one of the other big brand of the market, K2! K2 is best known for its mountain products but this firm is also present on the market of roller-skating, especially in Germany. Preview of 2012 products ...

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Overview: Fila products 2012

We are now focusing the spotlights on Fila. No major innovations either in the red and white products... However, the Fila skates are rather well produced, especially long distance products. Overview of Fila line 2012 ...

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Overview: Rollerblade lines 2012

In september/october, the representatives of the major brands of roller-skating visits the specialized shops to present the new products that will arrive on the market in 2012. Some new references but also a lot of skates that already existed and have been redesigned. We start with Rollerblade ...

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Test: Seba Nano Socks

It’s not always easy to find a good pair of socks for skating. In general, except from the Decathlon products, there is no real alternative amongst the big brands. This year, Seba launches a model of socks which deserves a closer look: the Nano socks…

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Physics of the inline skate wheel

Inline skate wheels are characteristic of our sport. If you consider speed skating as a rolling sport, wheels are the medium, the tool the skater has to master in order to gain speed. This article mainly focuses on speed skating wheels.

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