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Skating Wheels manufacturing

We frequently complain about their price, their excessive wear, how they slip too much or stick excessively. We praise for their rolling qualities, their rebound, and their reactivity. No doubt, our wheels are often the heart of conversations between skaters! Nothing like a visit to French wheel manufacturer RollX to learn more about how they are made...

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Testing the Intuition skate V2 Liner

Since Seba Skate and FR Skate or Them Skate have integrated Intuition shoes into their skates, many skaters have turned to these models. It's time to take a closer look at this "liner", which is still sold in the shops for 200€...

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Interview with "Jean Jean" Chanet, half-pipe skater (Belgium)

We recently highlighted a few pipe champions such as Nicolas Mougin, Otto Bolanos, Eito and Takeshi Yasutoko. Let us continue our series of still active halfpipe legends with "Jean Jean" Chanet!

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Recent technological innovations for skate wheels

Our wheels have been turning for nearly 250 years. Wood, ivory, metal, tire, rubber or urethane... Wheels have been made of all kinds of materials. Technological innovations gave a fresh boost to skating in the 90's. The use of plastic materials in 1979 was a small revolution. Overview of the innovations that marked the history of our dear skate wheels...

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Anatomy of Skate axles and spacers

The axles and spacers insure the consistency between the frame and the wheels and bearings. They partly determine the performance according to their materials, their thickness and their rigidity. Focus on those little known parts…

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The manufacturing processes of skate frames

The frame is a key-part of our skates. Its shape, its length and its rigidity vary according to the discipline and the needs of the skater. Made of composite or polyurethane, they are molded or injected, just like boots. Made of aluminum, they may be pressed, extruded or machined from billet. What are the differences between theses manufacturing processes?

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Choosing your aggressive skates (1/2)

Choosing a pair of aggressive skates is not as easy as it seems. According to whether you are into street, park or ramp skating, the characteristics of the model you need may vary. Here are a few tips to find a suitable match...

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Anatomy of a skate frame

The frame ensures the link between the boot and the wheels. Its technical characteristics (rigidity, length…) may considerably vary according to the considered practice.

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Inverting and looking after your inline skate wheels

Wheels are the main wearing parts of your skates. They are permanently in contact with the ground and condition the quality of your skating: comfort, grip, reactivity. Just like for the tires on your car, you will have to look after their deterioration. Here are a couple of tips that should allow you to optimize their use...

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The maintenance of your skate frame

The frames of your skates can be made of plastic, composite or metal. The cleaning procedure is the same whatever their composition. Get a sponge, a cloth, a toothbrush, bathroom tissue and follow the steps!

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Maintenance of inline skate boots

Inline skate boots can be of different nature: rigid, flexible or fifty-fifty. They need to be checked as regularly as the other parts of your skates: holes, hygiene, wearing out are so many points that need to be looked after…

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Equipment: Choosing your wrist guards

Falls on the wrists are more than a third of the traumas recorded in the casualty departments of hospitals taking skaters in. It is quite normal, given that you instinctively try to absorb you fall with your hands. Here are a couple of tips for you to make the right choice.

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How to extract bearings from wheels?

Extracting bearings: the task is not as easy as it seems. You have to manage to take them off without damaging them. The best thing is to push in the axis, but sometimes it’s quite a business...

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Anatomy of an inline skate wheel

Wheels are the centerpieces of a skate and its only contact with the ground. They condition skating according to numerous parameters: their shape, their diameter, their hardness, the flexibility of their core, etc. To each specialty corresponds a specific need with a specific wheel model...

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All about skate bearings

It is hard to rely on serious information as for the quality of bearings and the real needs met by skaters. Consumers are often overwhelmed by a torrent of technical terms and hazy marketing concepts. The best solution is to ask an importer to take stock on that spare part so precious to our gliding…

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Takeshi Yasutoko - Japanese ramp rider

Interview with Takeshi Yasutoko, one of the most famous Japanese ramp rider in the history of skating.

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How to Choose Your Skates?

Esthetics set aside — being a very personal criterion —, choosing a pair of skates, inlines or quads, lies on many objective criteria, varying according to several parameters: type of practice, intensity of use, level of skating, budget. Online-Skating.com browses the key points that should help you make your choice...

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Presentation of the Roces roller skate catalogue 2018

We are always curious about the new catalogues of every brand to see what development is going on. So we checked up the catalogues of Roces. State of affairs.

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Brands that made history of inline skating: Roces

Roces was born in Montebelluna, not far from Venice (Italy): from ski boots, over ice skates to inline skates. Review of a 65 year long history...

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Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

While visiting the facilities of the next Roller Games in Nanjing, we had the opportunity of visiting the FIRS World Roller Museum, which opened for the Speed Skating World Championships in September 2016...

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2017 Montpellier FISE: Skating in the Spotlight

The Extreme Sports International Festival (FISE) of Montpellier gave pride of place to skating for their 2017 edition, with an exceptional spot for the slopestyle event, right in the middle of Place de l'Europe...

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Guided Tour of the 2017 Roller Games Facilities in Nanjing, China (2/3)

Part Two of our guided tour of the facilities and fittings of the 2017 Roller Games in Nanjing, China. Here are the places and spots hosting the opening ceremony, the aggressive skating and skateboarding, and the rink hockey events.

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Interview with Mathilde Monneron an excellent and multifaced skater

Mathilde Monneron is part of a little group of skaters that doesn't only compete in one discipline. Every discipline allows her to develop her technical skills and learn more about skating. The interview...

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A sneaky look into the future: What could roller sports be like in 20 years?

New years are opportunities to look to the future, so why not imagining the evolution of our ways of practicing skating in the upcoming 20 years? Here are our forecasts...

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How to clean and take care of your bearings?

As an essential part of your skates’ performance, your bearings have to be closely looked after. You don’t always necessarily have to dismantle them. But if this is the only option left, here are a couple of tips to do your best.

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Spot: The Skatepark of Iquique, Chile

Always looking for skating spots, OLS takes you once more to the other side of the world, in the middle of the desert of Atacama, to visit the skatepark of Iquique, Chile...

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Testing the Trigger Rainbows Julien Cudot

After a quick overview, it's now time to have a closer look at the Trigger Rainbow skates and put them to the acid test. The first tests were promising, what about the long run ? Can this French pro-model compete with the international market ?

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Meeting Julien Cudot

Julien Cudot is one of the best current French riders in street skating. Since his beginnings, he's known how to stand out with his technical skills. Talent does not depend upon age...

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Back on the 2015 FISE World Series in Chengdu (China)

The Chinese event of FISE World 2015 took place in Chengdu and once again crowned British Joe Atkinson. The French had nothing to envy him, with the beautiful performances of Julien Cudot and Nicolas Servy...

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The 2016 K2 Street and Freeride Collections

Collection changes are always an interesting time to determine what direction brands will take. In 2016, K2 seems interested to rebond with urban skates. Here are the 2016 K2 Street and Freeride lines...

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The History of Skating from 1760 till Today

OLS publishes an overview of the history of skating, from the creation of the first inline skates to traditional skates through ‘cycle-skates’. Let’s pay tribute to one of the few skate historians, Sam Nieswizski, the author of 'Rollermania' (1991), that remains the key reference in the history of skating through the ages…

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Mediaskates restricts access to high quality skating pics

Since its creation three years ago, Mediaskates has always wanted to help out the skating community, all disciplines included, without financial compensation for the general public. Today, after many abuses, the Mediaskates team is restricting this option...

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Portrait of Roman Abrate, one of the best current French skaters

Roman Abrate is an aggressive skater who kept on increasing in level throughout the years. He knew how to impose his style and his tricks to become a national reference. He's been a pro skater for 7 years. Portrait...

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West Coast Contest 5: Promise kept

OLS had run the take off of the contest as a headline last year, we could open a divination website. The symbolic number of 100 riders competing on the Bordeaux event was largely reached...

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Visiting the 2017 Roller Games facilities in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona puts on a great spread for the organization of the 2017 Roller Games. Consequent resources are committed and such an exposure can only be beneficial for the world of skating...

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2015 Annual Congress of the FIRS

The Congress of the FIRS, the International Federation of Roller Sports, took place on Saturday February 21st, 2015 in Rome, Italy, at the Italian National Olympic Committee (INOC). Equivalent to an ordinary general assembly, that congress was meant to decide on the next orientations until 2017...

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What is a 'bore' in skating?

The vocabulary of skating can be quite exotic sometimes, and some words are borrowed from other fields. It is the case of « bore », coming directly from the world of mechanics...

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Caliper: Pretty useful for skating!

If you are a skating geek, buying a caliper must have crossed your mind already: Wheel diameter, ground clearance of your frames... That little tool can prove to be pretty useful!

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What is the use of a durometer?

On the printing of skate wheels you can often see a number followed by an A. You get this measurement with a very specific tool: a durometer...

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Introducing the 2015 Roces Range

Once doesn't make it a habit, let's start a series of articles on the products that are going leave their mark on 2015. Just like many brands, Roces renews most of its 2014 products, but also offers a few novelties...

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Dual density skate wheels: Where does the technology comes from and what is the use of it?

There are more and more dual density wheels on the market, for speed skating, long distance, freeskate, roller derby, hockey and even aggressive skating. What is the use of this technology? Answers...

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Interview with Manon Derrien — Women's aggressive skating

There are not many girls performing in the world of aggressive skating. And yet, some girls have given it a go and reached the highest level of the discipline. Interview with Derrien, French aggressive skater from Bordeaux...

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Testing the Atom Luigino backpack

Earlier in 2014, we had tested the Atom Luigino trolley. Today, we're presenting you the backpack. Here is our verdict after 8 months of daily use...

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Reducing the risks of axle unscrewing with thread locker

If you are a regular skater, you probably already had the unpleasant feeling that one of your frame axles was coming loose or clearing off... and sometimes even without you realizing it! Hopefully, there's a solution called thread locker...

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Testing the Xsjado Dustin Werbeski aggressive skates

Bobor presents his conclusions on the Xsjado Dustin Werbeski, a model of aggressive skates mounted in Powerblading, that is to say with a frame for wheels with big diameter. Feedbacks…

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FISE 2014: The Pro Invitational Final

The 2014 edition of the FISE opened with the Pro Invitational, a context on the BMX park where the best skaters of the event fight to get a golden ticket for the final. Tickets are expensive and only the 5 luckiest/best skilled have the opportunity to reach the podium…

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Testing the Kaltik Flat aggressive frames

While freestyle frames are everywhere, some of us are overwhelmed by a rush of nostalgia and go back to those good old flat set-ups (with all four wheels touching the ground). It is the case of Sno, who tested for us the Kaltik Flat aggressive frames…

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Testing the Luigino Atom Trolley

It's a first on OLS, testing a trolley! Such a companion has become a key-accessory for traveling skaters. We had the opportunity to test the Luigino Atom model...

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Testing the Seba C.J. Wellsmores

Seba kept us waiting for more than a year before unveiling his new aggressive skate model: the C.J. Wellsmore. The French brand has already established its pedigree in slalom and freeskate. Now it also tackles aggressive skating and doesn't do things by half.

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Jenna Downing Pro Model

On the occasion of the release of the Razors skate Jenna Downing SL, we had the pleasure to interview the pro skater who explains us this beautiful initiative. Let's have a look to this skate which comes just at the right moment...

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Test : Valo JJ 13

For its 10th anniversary, Valo unveiled its first aggressive skate of the season on a carbon basis. It sports the colors of Jon Julio: black and white. A model with clean lines and a some new features...

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Test Valo V13

For its tenth anniversary, Valo has decided to release a new edition of the mythical Roces Majestic 12. For the occasion, Valo has made ​​some changes to this bestseller and introduced the Valo V13. OLS has tested this version for you. Here are our feedbacks ...

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FISE 2013: pro finals, rail contest, ramp

The FISE has the advantage to gather several different disciplines at the same place, but also several types of skating. Let's go back to the site to relive the pro finales in slopestyle, the rail contest as well as the competition of mini-ramp with spine.

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Back to the ESA 2013 (Montpellier, France)

This year, the ESA, the underground aggressive contest of Montpellier, takes place after the FISE, on Sunday 12th May. The organizors announce a brand-new spot for that potluck contest.

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The main principles of cross training for skating

Lots of us make the mistake of only skating for their training... Yet, skating is not just about gaining more endurance or a better technique. You should find the right balance according to your discipline. And other sports may prove to be useful...

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Test: aggressive skating - Bake frames

It is never easy for a new brand to enter on the aggressive skating market. However, four riders from Liverpool (United Kingdom): Andy Birch, Alex Brunton, Ash Gavin and Jordan Jones launched a new concept: Bake frames...

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The trade secrets of skate boots

The way skate boots are made depends on the discipline: rigid in aggressive skating, low-cut in speed skating, semi-flexible in fitness skating. The materials involved in the process are very different too and influence the methods used. Here are the trade secrets of these key parts welcoming your feet…

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Interview with Rich Parker, professional ramp-rider (United-Kingdom)

Rich Parker is a professional ramp rider. He lives in Birmingham (Great-Britain) and earns his life with roller skating. Interview ...

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Testing the Xsjado 2.0

We will have been waiting for them for more than two years… Hoped for their launching in February 2012, then in September, but here they are at last, the new Xsjados! A feedback by the Online-Skating team on that new opus…

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Impact of muscle stretching on health and sports practice

Stretch, they said! And what if we broke down prejudices on stretching? All our youth, they kept on telling us how good and essential it was to stretch for sports performances… And what if new studies were challenging all of that?

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Customizing: Stop hesitating between aggressive and freeskating!

Dilemma: You cannot choose between aggressive and freeskating and your budget does not allow you to buy two pairs of skate… What should you do? Why not combining your own custom skate with a USF basis? Tips…

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Testing the Youth Airliner frames

« Youth, we are the frameworks co. » This is how Chris Farmer, Chris Haffey and Jon Julio introduced their new brand of frame. Knowing the three skaters, we could expect a mix of all that is currently done, but better. Let’s discover together what the Youth Airliner frames are worth…

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Anatomy of a pair of aggressive skates

All the aggressive skates have structure elements in common: the boot, the frame, the wheels and the bearing. However, according to the concerned practice, some elements may vary to fit the skaters' needs. We have decided to dissect an aggressive skate for you…

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Spot: skatepark of Sant Vicenç dels Horts (Spain)

Bolton (Clic-n-Roll) sent us a few pictures of a new Spanish concrete skate park built in Sant Vicenç dels Horts, near Barcelona (Spain)...

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Test: Aggressive Skating USD Carbon 4 Boot

USD loves its concept of carbon skate: it is available in several versions and it is renewed constantly. Proof here with this new version of the Carbon 4 which unveils lots of changes compared to the previous models with the arrival of a new liner…

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Well Choosing Your Aggressive Skate Frames (street, ramp, park…)

Today and thanks to the Universal Frame System (UFS), you can see more and more types of frames coming on the Aggressive Skating market. It was high time OLS took stock of the situation and saw which kind of frame is the most suitable to your needs according to your practice...

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Test: Aggressive skate, the Valo TV3

Valo unveils the third model of its roller team: the TV. With time, the entry-level of the brand already saw its cuff reduced and its liner become more comfortable. What does the third section hold?

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Test : Kizer Powerblade frames and wheels

Online-skating.com had to test that curious product released at the beginning of the year, which mixes aggressive skating and freeskating. The principle is simple: an aggressive-typed frame equipped with bigger wheels. Testing the Powerblades...

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2012 FISE Montpellier (France)

The FISE event was set for May, 16-20 in Montpellier (FRA). The least to say is that the 2012 edition had novelties in stock. For the first time, the organization had prepared a park fully dedicated to the skaters with a slopestyle course...

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Mind the gap at Rennes sur Roulettes (France)

Do you know the “Mind the Gap”? A launch ramp, a gap to cross in doing the biggest trick, a rail to grind. It was the formula proposed by Sven Boekhorst at Rennes sur Roulettes in mid-Mai. Back on the competition…

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Test: Shima Skate Manufacturing Marc Moreno

Last year, Brian Shima put an end to Nimh to take care alone of his own skating brand. New models "made in Shima" were brought out under the single SSM. We got our hands on a pair of Shima skates manufacturing Marc Moreno at Hawaii Surf shop…

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Test: USD VII Carlos Pianowski 2012

For now, the USD range is one of largest available on the market ... OLS decided to take a look at one of its entry-level models: The Seven Pianowski is far from being repulsive! In addition, it is a pro model, Let's test it ...

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Test: Rollerblade Solo Trooper 2012

Rollerblade sent us a pair of its all new RB Solo Trooper 2012. This model should be available on the market in the coming months. This entry level skate has serious assets...

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DVD: Fester

“Fester” is a new brand of wheels created by Joey Chase, Damien Wilson and Canadian skater Mathieu Ledoux. What better way to promote a new brand than releasing a video... ?

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DVD : Ground Control

Outlook Films Production presents one of the first videos of the Ground Control frame brand. Directed by photograph Simon Mulvaney and produced by Jon Eliott, it pays tribute to the brand created a dozen years ago. Skaters such as Brian Aragon, Chaz Sands and Nils Jansons offer us great shots…

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Test : USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler

The USD Carbon Free Richie Eisler has already been released a few months ago but we had not had the opportunity to wear it yet. It differs from the rest of the Carbon range: its shell is made of plastic to get a more affordable price. Test by Bobor...

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The importance of fastening your skates efficiently

Quality of skating and power are key factors for performance in skating. But just as would say a famous pneumatic brand: “Power is nothing without control”. That’s why a good fastening is also determining. Tips and explanations…

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Test: Valo Light J.J.

Jon Julio introduced his new carbon skate as a revolution in the world of skating as well as for Valo. 500g lighter, a better liner and a new soulplate for a skate that keeps all the advantages of the old models. But seeing the result even the fans of the brand are dubious. However, we’d rather put the skates on and get our own idea about them…

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Please, build me a modular skate park!

Around the world, cities are installing skate parks. In the past few years, even if the number of concrete skate parks seriously increased, modular equipments are still majority. We met with the 3R Skateparks company to learn more about their production process...

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Rollerskates: where and how to dig up good deals

In these times of crisis, it takes a great deal of resourcefulness to dig up new or second-hand equipment and spare pieces. This article goes to all the broke skaters who wish to invest the less as possible…

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Comparative: choosing your street frames

It is now common knowledge that the UFS is a standard in the world of aggressive skating. You can change your frame at will. But how to choose these frames? How to choose between flat and freestyle? Is Kizer better than Ground Control? Here are some tips to help you in your choice ...

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Test: Xsjado Chris Farmer

Every year, we all want to change skates. Your budget being limited, you browse the promotions and sometimes wait for the sales to equip yourself. I have made the most of the period to get a pair of Xsjado Chris Farmer with Create Originals frames on a flat set-up.

on 28/11/11 - Read 14470 TimesRead more

Choosing your aggressive skates for street, skate park and half-pipe

More and more frequently, we are asked advice to choose skates for street, ramp and skate park on the forum. Consequently, we have decided to take some time to describe various ranges of skates available in shops. Depending on price, quality or practice, here are some tips to choose your skates...

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Buying second-hand skates

You’re starting roller-skating and you want to get a new pair of skates? Yes, but making ends meet at the end of the month is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, there’s still the possibility of buying second-hand equipment, and here are a couple of tips to make pondered choices and avoid problems...

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Preview of K2 lines products 2012

After Fila and Rollerblade, we had a look to one of the other big brand of the market, K2! K2 is best known for its mountain products but this firm is also present on the market of roller-skating, especially in Germany. Preview of 2012 products ...

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Overview: Rollerblade lines 2012

In september/october, the representatives of the major brands of roller-skating visits the specialized shops to present the new products that will arrive on the market in 2012. Some new references but also a lot of skates that already existed and have been redesigned. We start with Rollerblade ...

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Test: Seba Nano Socks

It’s not always easy to find a good pair of socks for skating. In general, except from the Decathlon products, there is no real alternative amongst the big brands. This year, Seba launches a model of socks which deserves a closer look: the Nano socks…

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Test: Razors Horn 2011

Razors made ​a risky bet: keep a plastic shell while making it lighter. This is the basic principle of all Razors SL ("Super Light") which are lighter than the Genesis or Cults. We had the chance to test the pro model Stephan Horn. After a few months of testing, here are our conclusions...

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Interview with Sven Boekhorst (Rollerblade Original Team)

Sven Boekhorst is a brilliant skater. He's been one of the leading figures of aggressive skating for 15 years and has won about all that could be won in his sport. 'In his sports' should we say, since the Dutch excels in three different disciplines: half pipe, mini-ramp and park!

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Test : Seba Freeskate gloves

The firm widens its panel year by year. From one single key-skate, the Seba High, the brand proposes today complete ranges of skates, but also of protective gear. We managed to get a pair of freeskate gloves with changeable palm protection. Test...

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Winterclash 2011 : Back to basics

For its 7th edition, the Winterclash returns to Area 51 in Eindhoven as in 2009. It is the biggest skatepark covered with Europe with a floor surface of more than 3,000 m ². Check out this event...

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Which material for your skate frames: Magnesium or aluminum?

The marketing war between brands is often so fierce that you don't even know which type of product to choose in the end. Hopefully there are a few objective criteria to guide you. What will you have: Magnesium or aluminum?

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Which skate frame for which use?

Each skating discipline requires special frame features. You'll need handiness and reactivity in slalom, rigidity and efficiency in speed, comfort in long distance, solidity and sliding in street, etc. Online-Skating.com prepares the ground to make your choice easier...

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DVD Shred 'til you're dead

Yvan Narez shows us a 3,000 miles tour with the team Valo, Jeff Stockwell and Chris Haffey. From the North of California to Idaho through Oregon, we visit every most beautiful skatepark of the country. Of what to tempt us to take our blades and ride with them...

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Aggressive: street and stunt pads

Yes we know, you feel foolish when you're wearing "pads"... What else? Only idiots like fractures and head traumas, so don't make the tough and go speaking with famous riders at "X-Games". They will give you some pads advices...

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Spot : le skatepark de Saint-Chaptes (30)

Une fois n'est pas coutume, nous voilà repartis au fond du département du Gard(30) pour visiter un nouveau spot, le skatepark de la ville de Saint-Chaptes. La commune s'est équipée de modules de marque Rhino-Ramps. Bolton l'a testé pour ReL et a ramené quelques photos...

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Tip: Make your own DIY anti-rockers

The anti-rockers are the small wheels on both sides of the H-Block. Their small size prevents you from stopping on bars when sliding. They are sometimes expensive and they are not always easy to find, here is a solution to make your own DIY anti-rockers...

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Tip: Don’t lose your screws and axles

Have you ever lost an axle while you were enjoying your skating session? Or got past by a wheel going downhill? We have! There are simple solutions to avoid those unfortunate mishaps. Here is how to solve the problem when you're don't trust your screws 100%...

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Anatomy of skate liners

The liner is the essential part that determines the comfort, the precision and the quality of your skating. It may be made of leather, foam, or other more technological materials. It may be thermoformable or more classic, integrated or removable. Each characteristic influences the whole. Focus...

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How are made skate wheels?

Did you know that the appearance of plastic wheels revived the skating trend in the 80's? Before they were inflatable, or made of wood or metal and did not have the comfort and rolling performances of today's equipment. Today, the manufacturers fight over the market and never stop improving their products. We have cut one open for you...

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