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Skating Wheels manufacturing

We frequently complain about their price, their excessive wear, how they slip too much or stick excessively. We praise for their rolling qualities, their rebound, and their reactivity. No doubt, our wheels are often the heart of conversations between skaters! Nothing like a visit to French wheel manufacturer RollX to learn more about how they are made...

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Slalom tip: The rocker set-ups

Wheel placing can modify the properties of your skates, according to whether you are looking for reactivity, handiness or speed. Non-flat alternative wheel set-ups are called 'rocker' set-ups...

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The history of traditional roller skates with clip-axles

The traditional frame with the two wheels next to each other and the clip axles has been forgotten in recent years. However, it proved to be extremely practical, as it allowed the rollers to be changed in no time at all without tools. It has made a comeback in 2010 thanks to the return of the Roller Derby ...

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Recent technological innovations for skate wheels

Our wheels have been turning for nearly 250 years. Wood, ivory, metal, tire, rubber or urethane... Wheels have been made of all kinds of materials. Technological innovations gave a fresh boost to skating in the 90's. The use of plastic materials in 1979 was a small revolution. Overview of the innovations that marked the history of our dear skate wheels...

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Anatomy of Skate axles and spacers

The axles and spacers insure the consistency between the frame and the wheels and bearings. They partly determine the performance according to their materials, their thickness and their rigidity. Focus on those little known parts…

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The manufacturing processes of skate frames

The frame is a key-part of our skates. Its shape, its length and its rigidity vary according to the discipline and the needs of the skater. Made of composite or polyurethane, they are molded or injected, just like boots. Made of aluminum, they may be pressed, extruded or machined from billet. What are the differences between theses manufacturing processes?

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Anatomy of a skate frame

The frame ensures the link between the boot and the wheels. Its technical characteristics (rigidity, length…) may considerably vary according to the considered practice.

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Inverting and looking after your inline skate wheels

Wheels are the main wearing parts of your skates. They are permanently in contact with the ground and condition the quality of your skating: comfort, grip, reactivity. Just like for the tires on your car, you will have to look after their deterioration. Here are a couple of tips that should allow you to optimize their use...

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The maintenance of your skate frame

The frames of your skates can be made of plastic, composite or metal. The cleaning procedure is the same whatever their composition. Get a sponge, a cloth, a toothbrush, bathroom tissue and follow the steps!

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Maintenance of inline skate boots

Inline skate boots can be of different nature: rigid, flexible or fifty-fifty. They need to be checked as regularly as the other parts of your skates: holes, hygiene, wearing out are so many points that need to be looked after…

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Equipment: Choosing your wrist guards

Falls on the wrists are more than a third of the traumas recorded in the casualty departments of hospitals taking skaters in. It is quite normal, given that you instinctively try to absorb you fall with your hands. Here are a couple of tips for you to make the right choice.

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How to extract bearings from wheels?

Extracting bearings: the task is not as easy as it seems. You have to manage to take them off without damaging them. The best thing is to push in the axis, but sometimes it’s quite a business...

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Anatomy of an inline skate wheel

Wheels are the centerpieces of a skate and its only contact with the ground. They condition skating according to numerous parameters: their shape, their diameter, their hardness, the flexibility of their core, etc. To each specialty corresponds a specific need with a specific wheel model...

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Extracting an axle or a screw stuck in a frame

Most of beginners are afraid to lose a screw or an axle while skating. They often tighten their roller-skates axles too much. When the axles are stuck in the frame, it becomes very hard to remove them. It also happens that the allen key erodes the thread. Here are some tips to remove stubborn axles and screws...

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All about skate bearings

It is hard to rely on serious information as for the quality of bearings and the real needs met by skaters. Consumers are often overwhelmed by a torrent of technical terms and hazy marketing concepts. The best solution is to ask an importer to take stock on that spare part so precious to our gliding…

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How to Choose Your Skates?

Esthetics set aside — being a very personal criterion —, choosing a pair of skates, inlines or quads, lies on many objective criteria, varying according to several parameters: type of practice, intensity of use, level of skating, budget. Online-Skating.com browses the key points that should help you make your choice...

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Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

While visiting the facilities of the next Roller Games in Nanjing, we had the opportunity of visiting the FIRS World Roller Museum, which opened for the Speed Skating World Championships in September 2016...

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Guided Tour of the 2017 Roller Games Facilities in Nanjing, China (3/3)

This is the last part of our guided tour of the facilities that will host the 2017 World Roller Games. Let's finish the tour with the areas dedicated to Downhill Skating, Inline Alpine, and Artistic Skating...

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Guided Tour of the 2017 Roller Games Facilities in Nanjing, China (1/3)

The Annual General Ordinary Congress of the FIRS took place on March 11th, 2017, in Nanjing. The participants had the opportunity to visit the facilities of the next Roller Games. The OLS Team was there and presents you a preview showing of the facilities that will host the events of Rink Hockey, Roller Hockey, Speed Skating and Freestyle Slalom...

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Testing the Reign Helios Inline Hockey Skates

Powerslide recently entered the world of inline hockey with the creation of the brand Reign, with 4 models to the 2017 collection. We had the opportunity to test the Reign Helios Skates, the top-range model of the brand. Here are the feedbacks of Romain Masson and Eric Perraudin...

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A sneaky look into the future: What could roller sports be like in 20 years?

New years are opportunities to look to the future, so why not imagining the evolution of our ways of practicing skating in the upcoming 20 years? Here are our forecasts...

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Interview with Matthias Knoll about Reign, the new inline hockey brand by Powerslide

Powerslide has recently launched its brand-new inline hockey brand: Reign. The German company enters the market with fresh eyes, and intends to shake it up with new innovations. Meeting Matthias Knoll, the boss of Powerslide...

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How to clean and take care of your bearings?

As an essential part of your skates’ performance, your bearings have to be closely looked after. You don’t always necessarily have to dismantle them. But if this is the only option left, here are a couple of tips to do your best.

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Nations that dominate the roller inline hockey

The Czech Republic has marked the world of roller hockey for many years by its performances in all categories. Sébastien Marpeau explains the strengths of this Eastern country...

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Why 3 Wheel skates do have such a golden future

Everyone could notice a multiplication of three wheel skates on the market. Every big brand has now produced new skates in all different kinds of skating, like Slalom, fitness, speed-skating and even inline hockey. But what is the real secret behind that configuration? Analyse...

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Recap on the 2016 Junior, Senior, Men's and Women's Worlds of Roller Hockey

The second week of competition at the 2016 Worlds of Roller Hockey was the long-awaited highlight of the season. The best players in the world faced one another in the senior men's and women's categories...

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Will roller hockey also enter the 3-wheel era? Reign, the new brand by Powerslide

At the occasion of the 2016 world championship of roller hockey, Powerslide presented its new collections of 3-wheel hockey skates, following the '3 Wheelers' concept they have already developed in freeskate, fitness and speed skating. We had a closer look at these skates...

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Recap of the 2016 Junior Men's and Senior Women's Worlds of Roller Hockey

The 2016 FIRS Inline Hockey World Championship is currently held in Asiago Roana (Italy). At the end of the first week of competition, Canada got the title in the Senior Women's category and the Czech Republic was crowned in the Junior Men's category...

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The History of Skating from 1760 till Today

OLS publishes an overview of the history of skating, from the creation of the first inline skates to traditional skates through ‘cycle-skates’. Let’s pay tribute to one of the few skate historians, Sam Nieswizski, the author of 'Rollermania' (1991), that remains the key reference in the history of skating through the ages…

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The History of American Roller Hockey

Rivalry between Rink Hockey (on quad skates with a curved stick and a ball) and Inline Hockey (on inline skates with a ice-type stick and a puck) is a thing. The histories of the two disciplines have been intimately related since the beginnings...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The Czech Republic Makes a Clean Sweep

At the end of a spectacular final that required extra time to designate the champion, the Czech Republic wins the gold medal at the expense of the valiant French. The USA complete the Top-3. Back on this last day of competition at the World Championships...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: France in the Finals!

In this penultimate day of competition, the French brilliantly imposed themselves against an agonizing Team USA. The French are hungry for pucks, they qualify for the finals against the unbeatable Czechs...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: France regains its ranking

Team France qualified for the semi-finals of the Worlds after a great victory over Italy. They are back in the Top-4 they had left in 2010, joining Latvia, the Czech Republic and the USA in semi-finals...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The French Outsider

Thanks to their comfortable 6-2 win over Latvia, the French secure quite a clement playoffs chart for themselves and are now the favorite outsiders to foil the unbeatable Czechs. As for Argentina, they got their ticket for the quarter finals...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The USA are Back

Imposing themselves in style against Italy, the USA prove that even with less stars than the previous years on the roster, they will still have to be closely looked after for the final phases...

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Mediaskates restricts access to high quality skating pics

Since its creation three years ago, Mediaskates has always wanted to help out the skating community, all disciplines included, without financial compensation for the general public. Today, after many abuses, the Mediaskates team is restricting this option...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The Senior Men Enter the Competition

After the Junior Men and the Senior Women, it's the turn of the 15 senior men's teams to battle for the title of the 21st world championships of roller hockey. First day...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: The Czechs on Top of the World

Imposing themselves in the senior women's and the junior men's categories, the Czechs place themselves as the dominant nation of roller hockey. They are also the favorites before the senior men's worlds...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: Double finals for the Czech Republic

While the French keep on with their flawless performance, smashing the Italians in semi-finals, the Czech Republic allow themselves the luxury of qualifying both their teams for the finals, confirming even more their status of great nation of roller hockey. The USA complete the top-4 thanks to their 1-0 victory against Spain...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: Back on the Quarter Finals

The 2015 World Championships of Roller Hockey enter the knock-out phases. The quarter finals started yesterday in Rosario. The USA stood out, both in the junior men's and senior women's categories, while France confirmed their rank in the junior men's...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: Let's get down to business!

The intentions of each team are getting clearer and clearer on the Rosario court. The women's penalty shootout to decide between the Czechs and the Spanish had a foretaste of finals. As for the Junior Men's category, the strength display of the Czechs against the Americans was more of a serious clarification...

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At the heart of the 2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey

All the teams entered into the competition on Monday at the Salvador Bonilla stadium, with more or less success. The general level has increased, which makes the rest of the competition harder to predict...

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2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey: It's On!

The dancers of the artistic skating club of Rosario gave an elegant kick off for the World Championships of Roller Hockey, in front of a thousand spectators, draped with the blue and gold Argentinean flag. Here is the summary of the first games of this 21st edition...

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Before the 2015 Worlds of Roller Hockey

A few hours before the first games of the 2015 World Championships of Roller Hockey, The OLS Team goes for an overview of the forces involved in the different categories...

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Skating and the World Games, a long story!

The four high level disciplines of skating have been on the program of the World Games since their creation. Rink hockey has been replaced by roller hockey, but artistic and speed skating have been there from the very start...

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Visiting the 2017 Roller Games facilities in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona puts on a great spread for the organization of the 2017 Roller Games. Consequent resources are committed and such an exposure can only be beneficial for the world of skating...

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2015 Annual Congress of the FIRS

The Congress of the FIRS, the International Federation of Roller Sports, took place on Saturday February 21st, 2015 in Rome, Italy, at the Italian National Olympic Committee (INOC). Equivalent to an ordinary general assembly, that congress was meant to decide on the next orientations until 2017...

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What is a 'bore' in skating?

The vocabulary of skating can be quite exotic sometimes, and some words are borrowed from other fields. It is the case of « bore », coming directly from the world of mechanics...

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Caliper: Pretty useful for skating!

If you are a skating geek, buying a caliper must have crossed your mind already: Wheel diameter, ground clearance of your frames... That little tool can prove to be pretty useful!

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What is the use of a durometer?

On the printing of skate wheels you can often see a number followed by an A. You get this measurement with a very specific tool: a durometer...

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Dual density skate wheels: Where does the technology comes from and what is the use of it?

There are more and more dual density wheels on the market, for speed skating, long distance, freeskate, roller derby, hockey and even aggressive skating. What is the use of this technology? Answers...

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Reducing the risks of axle unscrewing with thread locker

If you are a regular skater, you probably already had the unpleasant feeling that one of your frame axles was coming loose or clearing off... and sometimes even without you realizing it! Hopefully, there's a solution called thread locker...

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 6th day

Penultimate day of competition in the Palais des Sports of Toulouse, France. The remaining teams meet for the semi finals and playdone games of the Inline Hockey Worlds...

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 5th day

There are only two days left before the finals of the 2014 Worlds of Inline Hockey! The games of the 5th day enabled to determine the teams who will play the semi finals of the competition...

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 4th day - week 2

Here we are in the ultimate group games before the quarter finals of the 2014 Inline Hockey Worlds in Toulouse, France. Results of the 4th day...

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 3rd day

The Worlds of Inline Hockey are in full swing in Toulouse, France. The 3rd day was still about group games for all the teams: Results of the third day...

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the first two days

The first week of the 2014 Inline Hockey World Championships in Toulouse, France, was dedicated to the Senior Women and Junior Men categories. Now is the time for the first competition games of the Senior Men and the Junior Women...

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The French Bleuets, 2014 Junior World Champions of Inline Hockey

The French Team of Inline Hockey end their first week of the Worlds on a very happy note. If the Senior Women take the 5th place against Namibia, the Junior Men get the World Title after defeating Canada!

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Day 6

The 6th day of the 2014 World Championships of Inline Hockey saw the French Juniors create a stir during extra time against the Czechs, the five-time world champions, while Canada is about to meet the U.S.A. for the Women's final…

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2014 Inline Hockey Worlds: Results of the 5th Day

The 5th day of the 2014 World Championships of Inline Hockey was dedicated to the quarterfinals and playdones. Close-up on the games before entering the semi-finals...

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2014 Inline Hockey World Championships: On the way to the finals

Yesterday was the fourth day of the Inline Hockey Worlds in Toulouse, France. Here is the report on all the games of the day in the Senior Women's and Junior Men's categories...

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Report on the 3rd Day at the 2014 Worlds of Inline Hockey

The 2014 World Championships of Inline Hockey are now in full swing and tendencies are taking shape. Next to the big teams of Canada, the U.S.A. and the Czech Republic, a few outsiders spring a surprise...

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2014 Roller Hockey Worlds: Recap of the 2nd Day

The second day of the 2014 Roller Hockey World Championships was busy with many games. The main surprise is probably the Spanish resistance facing the Czech Republic. Italy also created a stir against Colombia...

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2014 Roller Hockey World Championships: a French double for the first day

The 2014 Roller Hockey Worlds started yesterday evening at the Palais des Sports of Toulouse, France. After the opening ceremony, the competition opened with two games, a senior women's and a junior men's game, both featuring France…

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Testing the Oxelo XLR Pro Model Hockey Stick

Jérémy Défossez, coach and player for Lyon's Road Runners, has tested the new XLR Pro Model Hockey Stick, the high-end model by Oxelo, Decathlon's skating brand. Feedbacks…

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Roller hockey: Taking passes

Making and taking passes is decisive in roller hockey. Here are a few tips by Roller Hockey Concept on the receiving of the puck…

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How to make a pass in Roller Hockey

Making passes is one of the key ingredients of a Roller Hockey game. It is part of the basic principles of the discipline. Roller Hockey Concept gives us tips to make successful passes in the best conditions…

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Learning how to do a sharp turn in Hockey Skating

Hockey skating requires a great mobility in order to dribble your opponents, to avoid them… direction changes should be efficient and quick. Here are a few tips in order to learn how to do sharp turns…

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Learning How to Pivot in Roller Hockey

Roller hockey is a sport where you are constantly shifting directions in order to follow the game. Pivoting is an essential component of any good player's technique…

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Backwards Skating with a Hockey Stick

Roller Hockey is a sport with lots of direction changes. Players should be able to shift quickly to any direction and skate backwards in order to follow the moves of their opponents…

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Forward skating with a hockey stick

This is the second part of our series dedicated to the learning of inline hockey. Last week we focused on the basic stance and the holding of the hockey stick. Today, we will learn how to skate efficiently forward.

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The basic stance and the holding of the hockey stick

Jeremy Defossez has been working for several years on the creation of a hockey coach manual. There is nothing better than a specialist to explain the right moves! Let's start our apprenticeship with the basic stance and the holding of the stick…

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2013 World Games: medal ranking

There is nothing like a competition with the scope of the World Games to assess the form of the great nations of skating before the World Championships of Speed Skating in Belgium. Results and medals...

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2013 Cali World Games: the finals of inline hockey

In beating Italy in the final of the 2013 World Games, the USA win their third inline hockey title in a row. They remain the only nation to have ever won that competition...

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2013 Cali World Games: Italy crashes the party

Tomorrow the final of the World Games will be unprecedented with the USA against Italy. The best defense facing the best offense. Czechs and Canadians died in battle and will have to make do with bronze. Behind, France experienced a neverending tumble and gave in 3-2 against Switzerland...

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2013 World Games: an epic game between France and Italy

One of the key-games of that third day of the World Games in Cali, Colombia, was the one opposing France to Italy in quarter finals. It resulted in the victory of the 'Squadra Azzura' in the overtime after the French had caught up a 4-goal gap.

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2013 World Games: Colombia surprizes Switzerland in inline hockey

Colombia climbed the Alps mountains! The Colombian team surprised the world of inline hockey in imposing themselved on Switzerland 4 to 3 in a group game. In front of 2.500 unbridled people, the young Colombians showed how much your public can give you wings...

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2013 World Games: results of the first day of inline hockey

The first day of the World Games didn't witnesse a lot of goals scored in Cali, Colombia. Apart from the Latvia – Czech Republic game, the other games didn't score much, and some didn't even score at all – cf. a 0-0 tie between Switzerland and Italy. The good deal of the day was done by France who managed a tie game against the Czech world champions...

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2013 World Games: Facilities and Opening Ceremony

We are in Cali, Columbia, and the temperature is generously exeeding 31°C. Before getting the accreditations for the opening ceremony, we go and visit the facilities that are going to host the 2013 World Games.

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Ultimate day of the 2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey

The Czech Republic was a cut above Canada at the final of the World Championships of Inline Hockey and got its third world title. In the Women's, the outcome of the final only took shape in the last minutes of the game with the victory of the Americans...

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2013 Senior World Championship: A hard blow for the USA

The United States swallowed water at home during the quarter finals of the 2013 World Championships of Inline Hockey in Anaheim. Facing a surprising Swedish team, the Americans missed their chance to add a fifteenth title to their world title list...

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2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey: 4th day of competition

After the group games, the final phases of the 2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey are about to start. Taking stock on the meetings of the fourth day in Anaheim, USA...

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2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey: The leaders having a rough time

The Czech Republic came close to disaster facing Canada with a tie score of 5 to 5. As for the USA, they have the utmost difficulty to get out the the Italian trap. The eighth finals will take place tomorrow, an opportunity for some nations to change groups next year...

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2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey: Second day

The group games are in full swing at the 2013 Senior World Championships of Inline Hockey in Anaheim, USA. The United States and the Czech Republic keep on rising.

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2013 FIRS World Inline-Hockey Championships: first day for seniors

After an incredible opening ceremony in the walls of the Honda Arena and its 18000 seats, the sporting challenge took over: Czech, American, Canadian and Swiss are there. Italy and France make a bad deal. New Zealand and India are discovering the joys of a game at international level ...

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World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

Turning the situation to its advantage late in the game, the Czech Republic won a fifth title against the USA in the Junior Men's category. Canada finished third. In the women's competition, the U.S.A. get their first world title, followed by Canada and Australia ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 5th day of competition

The favorites have not wavered in the semifinals of the Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships. The long-awaited confrontation for the title will oppose Czech Republic and U.S.A. France will have the opportunity to take its revenge against Switzerland in the match for 5th place ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 4th day of competition

The pool match between the United States of America and Canada in the 2013 Junior Inline-Hockey World Championships should be impressive. The final could offer the same scenario. However, the fight for 3rd place is far more open ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey World Championships: 3rd day of competition

Third day of competition at the 2013 junior world championship of inline-hockey in Anaheim (USA). Over the days, the final phases are taking shape more precisely with the rise of Canada and the USA. But beware of the South American ambitions ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey World Championships: 2nd day of competition

Second day of competition at Junior World Championships: France had the worst difficulties to beat Australia. The United States continue to play the road rollers at home. The double title holder, the Czech Republic did not any favor to Germany ...

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The main principles of cross training for skating

Lots of us make the mistake of only skating for their training... Yet, skating is not just about gaining more endurance or a better technique. You should find the right balance according to your discipline. And other sports may prove to be useful...

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The trade secrets of skate boots

The way skate boots are made depends on the discipline: rigid in aggressive skating, low-cut in speed skating, semi-flexible in fitness skating. The materials involved in the process are very different too and influence the methods used. Here are the trade secrets of these key parts welcoming your feet…

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Impact of muscle stretching on health and sports practice

Stretch, they said! And what if we broke down prejudices on stretching? All our youth, they kept on telling us how good and essential it was to stretch for sports performances… And what if new studies were challenging all of that?

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Patrik Sebek, a Czech World Champion in France

Patrik Sebek won a IIHF/FIRS World Champion title of roller-hockey with the Czech Republic in 2011. He took his bag and decided to stop in Rouen (France) to join the local team. The Spiders of Rouen are evolving in the Elite Championship, the highest roller-hockey division in France. During this interview, he tells us more about his motivation and choices ...

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The importance of fastening your skates efficiently

Quality of skating and power are key factors for performance in skating. But just as would say a famous pneumatic brand: “Power is nothing without control”. That’s why a good fastening is also determining. Tips and explanations…

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Rollerskates: where and how to dig up good deals

In these times of crisis, it takes a great deal of resourcefulness to dig up new or second-hand equipment and spare pieces. This article goes to all the broke skaters who wish to invest the less as possible…

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Buying second-hand skates

You’re starting roller-skating and you want to get a new pair of skates? Yes, but making ends meet at the end of the month is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, there’s still the possibility of buying second-hand equipment, and here are a couple of tips to make pondered choices and avoid problems...

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How to choose your roller hockey skates?

In roller hockey, like in all skating practices, the choice of your equipment is crucial. Even if you can begin with non specialized skates, getting a pair design for you discipline quickly becomes indispensable...

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Test: G-Form Impact knee pads

Knee pads prevent from burns and wounds most of the time, but they are few to limit the effects of an undesirable impact with the ground (i.e. a fall). Recently we have discovered a new type of protective gear made with Poron...

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Paris Slalom World Cup 2011: last day

9th edition of Paris Slalom World Cup 2011 in the Trocadéro (France). The last day of the event was dedicated to the competitions of Battle Freestyle, with the category Women to begin, then the category Men...

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