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2014 Updated speed-skating World and European records

The Federation International of Roller Sports (FIRS) and CEC released an updated table of the speed-skating World and European records. A lot of records were broken during the last World Championships in Oostende (Belgium) and in Geisingen (Germany)...

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2013 Speed Skating Worlds: Medal results and records

You will have easily guessed that the 2013 Worlds were highly dominated by the Colombian armada... but how did the world ranking evolve according to the previous years? Analyzing...

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Last day in Oostende: last four races, last four titles!

The marathon was the very last race of the 2013 World Championships for the skaters. It is always a special race since almost all the skaters – sprinters or long-distance-specialists – are on the starting line. It is, somehow, the “last bouquet” of the competition where more than 50 skaters per category take part in the race...

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Day 6 in Oostende: 4 titles out of 6 possible for Colombia

Day 6 in Oostende: yesterday was held the 500m road for juniors and the 5km relays for all categories. Once again, 4 titles out of 6 possible goes to Colombia... with a few surprises on the road of the World Championships!

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Day 5 in Oostende: Colombia confirms its supremacy

In the Junior category and in sprint! France and Italy win long-distance-races in Senior categories. The program of the day was made of 500m-sprints for the Seniors, and 20K-eliminations races for all categories...

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2013 World championships: first day on the road of Oostende (Belgium)

First day on the road circuit of Oostende. Colombians are undoubtedly sprint champions in the World, taking most of medals in the 200m. They are also really strong in the points race, but the European has had more opportunities to grab a medal...

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Day 3 in Oostende: 500m, 1000m, relays

8:00 AM. Third day of competition on the track of Oostende (Belgium). This will be a long day at the 2013 World Championships of Roller Speed-Skating with 500m, 1000m and relays. And Guess what? Colombian (and Belgium) won (almost) all the races...

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2013 World Championships: second day in Oostende (Belgium)

Second day in Oostende : the rain did not scare Peter Michael (NZL) who broke a new World record on the 15K-Eliminations race in the men's category. The Italian Lollobrigida won the first medal for her country...

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1st day in Oostende: 300m time-trial and 10K-points/eliminations races

First races, first records… The 2013 World Championships got off to a great start! The Colombian delegation has been really impressive today with a total of eleven medals...

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2013 World Speed Championship: the forces involved

We are one week from the start of the 2013 world championship of speed skating in Oostende, Belgium. Nearly 600 skaters from the whole world will compete on track then on road. We don't want to make predictions but here are some skaters that we will have to deal with...

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The facilities of the 2013 World Championships of Speed Skating

15 days before the kick-off of the 2013 World Championships of Speed Skating, let's get off on a jaunt to Oostende and Zandvoorde and discover the places that will host the competitions from August 22 to 31...

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Timetable of the 2013 Inline Speed-Skating World Championships

The 2013 Inline Speed-Skating World Championships will take place in Oostende (Belgium) from 22 to 31 August. The competition will start on the track and the road will follow. Here is the timetable provided by the organization...

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