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World Championships 2013: final day for Juniors

Turning the situation to its advantage late in the game, the Czech Republic won a fifth title against the USA in the Junior Men's category. Canada finished third. In the women's competition, the U.S.A. get their first world title, followed by Canada and Australia ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 5th day of competition

The favorites have not wavered in the semifinals of the Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships. The long-awaited confrontation for the title will oppose Czech Republic and U.S.A. France will have the opportunity to take its revenge against Switzerland in the match for 5th place ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey Junior World Championships: 4th day of competition

The pool match between the United States of America and Canada in the 2013 Junior Inline-Hockey World Championships should be impressive. The final could offer the same scenario. However, the fight for 3rd place is far more open ...

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2013 FIRS Inline-Hockey World Championships: 2nd day of competition

Second day of competition at Junior World Championships: France had the worst difficulties to beat Australia. The United States continue to play the road rollers at home. The double title holder, the Czech Republic did not any favor to Germany ...

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