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An ultra-complete skating schedule! You can find in this page most of major national and international roller-skating competitions in all disciplines. You can use filters to sort roller skating events per practice or type of competition ...

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January 2020

No events

February 2020

From 13 February to 15 February Winterclash 2020 in Endhoven (Netherlands) international

March 2020

No events

April 2020

on 05 April Speed-skating 2020 Vattenfall Berlin Half-Marathon (Germany)9 national
From 11 April to 13 April Speed-skating 2019 International Trophy of the Three Tracks (France) international
From 17 April to 19 April Speed-skating 2020 Arena Geisingen International (Germany) international

May 2020

From 02 May to 03 May Speed-skating 24 Hours of Le Mans 2020 international
on 10 May Speed-skating Swiss Skate Tour 2020: Sempachersee Inline Marathon (Switzerland) national
From 14 May to 17 May Roller-dance The 2020 Paris Onwheelz Festival is postponed, not cancelled! international
From 30 May to 31 May Speed-skating Rennes sur Roulettes 2019 (France) international

June 2020

From 03 June to 06 June Artistic skating 2020 Giuseppe Filippini Trophy (Italy) international
on 07 June Speed-skating 2020 Rollathlon (France) international
From 13 June to 14 June 2018 Pro Bowl Contest in Marseille, France international
on 15 June Speed-skating 2020 World Inline Cup in Ostrava (Czech Republic) international

July 2020

No events

August 2020

From 28 August to 30 August 2018 NL Contest in Strasbourg (France) international
on 29 August Rhine-on-Skates 2019 international

September 2020

on 06 September Speed-skating Fourth stage of the 2020 German Inline Cup in Salzburg (Austria) national
From 18 September to 20 September Speed-skating 2020 NorthShore Inline Marathon in Duluth, USA international
on 20 September Speed-skating 5th stage of the 2020 German Inline Cup in Prague (CZH) national
on 20 September Speed-skating 2017 Paris Rollers Marathon, France international
on 26 September Speed-skating 47th BMW Berlin Marathon (Germany) international

October 2020

on 04 October Speed-skating 2020 Roller Marathon of Dijon (France) international
From 15 October to 17 October Artistic skating 2020 International Open of Hettange-Grande, France international

November 2020

No events

December 2020

No events

January 2021

No events

February 2021

No events

March 2021

No events

April 2021

From 03 April to 05 April Speed-skating 2019 International Trophy of the Three Tracks (France) international

May 2021

No events