Health and prevention

Roller skating is a sport that brings real benefits if it is practiced in good conditions. Street skating or speed-skating require specific protective gears and precautions. Here are a few tips to adjust your preparation and skate is the best conditions...

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Strengthen your ankles for a better practice

The constant increasing of wheels diameter leads to the same effect on the deck's height from the ground. Keep in mind that speed-skating shoes are low high sized, and the stresses on the muscles and tendons drastically increase. Here are some keep fit exercises to strengthen your ankles...

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Benefits of roller-skating on health

Roller-skating may be enjoyed in many different ways: fitness, speed, long distance races, stunt, figure skating, inline or rink Hockey, roller-dancing... Every above-mentioned practice can be considered as a specific sport. In this article, our goal is to show some benefits of roller-skating, especially through fitness-skating: what is a good practice, working at moderate cardiovascular level, how to get a balanced diet?

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Skater kids: From what age?

Many parents want to buy skates to their kids from the earliest age… And all the more when they are skaters themselves. Irremediably, several questions come to people's minds: At what age can a kid start? What type of skates to buy? How to help them improve safely? Answers…

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Equipment: Choosing your wrist guards

Falls on the wrists are more than a third of the traumas recorded in the casualty departments of hospitals taking skaters in. It is quite normal, given that you instinctively try to absorb you fall with your hands. Here are a couple of tips for you to make the right choice.

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Long distance skating

Trekking: Safety instructions for open road skating

The network of cycle ways and eco friendly ways is not homogeneous in France. Lots of skaters unavoidably end up going on the roads. Skating on roads requires a good number of precautions, which are simple but vital for your safety.

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Precautions to take while skating by cold weather

We have already proposed some articles relative to the skating by warm or rainy weather, then here is a "burning" subject for the season : skating by cold weather! Online-skating.com proposes you some craftiness to practice in optimal conditions...

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Chiropody helps for making custom boots

Every one has particular feet, due to single and specific morphology. Most of skaters have to accommodate with it when choosing a pair of roller skates. This paper is devoted by REL to the benefits and help of chiropody concerning custom carbon fiber boots...

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How to wear and use a helmet?

It took a long time for helmet to became common in cycling, and it'll became justified. Most of cyclists use it every-time they ride on their bike. And what about roller? Why is it no more used? How to choose it? How much money have I to invest in? Here are some answers to this questions... Wearing a helmet pros or cons?

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To feel secure with roller skates under rain

Practice roller skating may happen sometimes under rain. Either a sudden shower get catch you far from home or you have decided as a rule going to train in all weathers. Don't stress, water is not a mischance (perhaps exception made for bearings). The goal of next advices is to ameliorate your behaviour and technique for better skating on wet ground..

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Speed-skating and shaved legs

Like in bike and swim sport, most of speed skaters shave their legs. And we're not only talking about women! The leg hair removal is used for hygienic or functional reasons. Let's discover the various solutions to do it correctly...

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Tips to skate in the winter-time

Winter has come, with its rain and its biting cold. Skating is at the mercy of bad weather. Here are a few solutions in order to skate in the winter-time with total peace of mind...

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Long distance skating

Mapping out a route for a skating raid

You cannot get into a long distance skating raid without at least a little preparation: food, clothing, maps and routes are many parameters that should be taken into consideration. Unless you wish to try your luck in total adventure, here are a few tips to map out your route...

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Going to work by skate: Good or bad idea?

Whether it is for economical, ecological or sports reasons, nearly two-thirds of the OLS readers usually or occasionally go to work by skate. How to optimize the conditions of your daily ride? Tips...

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Skating and Electro-Stimulation

You want to surpass yourself and improve your skating performances? Weather conditions are not good enough during winter time for an efficient skating training? There may be a solution up to your sports motivation: electro-stimulation…

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Statistics of Skating Accidents

If skating is not especially more dangerous than any other sport, looking into skating accidents remains interesting. Traumatologic studies show that wrists are the most exposed parts of the body in case of a fall, but what about the others? Let's scan injuries…

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Skating and backache: What prevention?

Sooner or later, every skater is exposed to backache during their career: How to prevent it? We have collected the opinions of elite skaters…

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What is the best moment of the day to skate?

Who never felt that they were not quite awake when they go skating early in the morning, or that they were dozy after lunch? Your body is governed by specific rhythms that you should know how to listen before going skating…

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What to do when you come across a stray dog

Relations between skaters and dogs are very unequal. While some dogs will be totally indifferent when you pass them, some may become completely mad. Here are a couple of tips to coexist with our stray friends…

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Impact of muscle stretching on health and sports practice

Stretch, they said! And what if we broke down prejudices on stretching? All our youth, they kept on telling us how good and essential it was to stretch for sports performances… And what if new studies were challenging all of that?

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Impact of pollution on skaters' health

Like cyclists, runners and other urban sports people, skaters suffer from pollution and its impact on their bodies. Stéphane Dupas offers to estimate the impacts of physical activity in cities. Report…

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110 mm: stresses placed on muscles and joints

For lots of skaters, transitioning to 110 mm always causes several tendon and joint pains: knees and ankles are particularly put to the test. Then, transitioning to that new standard diameter requires a few precautions...

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Inline downhill

Downhill pads: the bare essential is the maximum

Downhill is probably the most extreme roller-skating practice. At speeds frequently above 70 kph, even a minor fall can cause very serious injuries. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced downhill skater, your protective equipment should be commensurate with the risks.

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The seven deadly sins of the roller skating beginner

You are all excited at the idea of gliding on the cycle lanes and starting roller-skating. It is an excellent thing but be careful not to burn your wings… just like Icarius who wanted to fly too high and whose wings melt down. Here are a few pieces of advice not to let your dear wheels go to your head !

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Aggressive skating

Aggressive: street and stunt pads

Yes we know, you feel foolish when you're wearing "pads"... What else? Only idiots like fractures and head traumas, so don't make the tough and go speaking with famous riders at "X-Games". They will give you some pads advices...

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Street skating

Roller fitness protectives gears

Millions of roller-skaters take part in rides each week all around the workd. It remains the less traumatic practice at a first view, but lot of beginners and occasional skaters take part in. Wearing protections is very recommended...

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Roller-Hockey protective gears

With downhill, hockey is the practice which requires the largest panel of pads/protections: helmet, shoulder pads, cup... Meanwhile, do not confuse "street-hockey" (leisure) and "roller-hockey" or "rink-hockey" (federal practices). Protections are recommended for the first and obligatory for the others...

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